The Trailing Grant sector lay in the Expansion Region and contained the Gandeid system.[1] The latter was the site of the temperate, low-gravity planet Gandeid IV.[2]

By 0 ABY, the Trailing Grant sector bordered the Thand sector eastward, the Montitian Grant sector southward, and the Thuldin's Grant sector and the Freestanding subsectors westward. It also formed part of the Expansion Region's Coreward border with the Inner Rim.[3]

At some point before his death in 4 ABY,[4] the Imperial Governor Wilek Nereus of the[5] Wild Space[6] planet Bakura visited Gandeid IV, where he obtained several teeth from the native avian predator cooha to add to his dental collection.[5]

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The Trailing Grant sector was introduced in the Online Companion to the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas.[1]

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