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"I'm not a good teacher today. And besides, you should go back to the younglings. Give them another session with the training blades."
―Luke Skywalker, to Ben Solo[3]

Training lightsabers, also known as Youngling lightsabers, practice sabers, or training blades, were training implements used to practice lightsaber combat. Training lightsabers of various kinds were most often used by Jedi younglings[1] in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant[2] before they underwent the Gathering[7] and built a weapon of their own.[1] These range from very simple wooden swords[5] to small lightsabers of limited power and thus limited danger.[1] It was also possible for normal lightsabers to be tuned down so they could be used in this fashion.[8]

During the High Republic Era, training sabers were used in conjunction with training tunics for Jedi Padawans to practice dueling. Training sabers were sufficiently low-powered so as not to be lethal or risk dismemberment, but still powerful enough to cause pain if a sentient was struck with one. The training tunics were white and sensitive to heat, and direct hits from a training saber would show up as a scorch mark.[9]

With the restoration of the Jedi Order during the New Republic Era, training lightsabers were reintroduced at the Jedi Temple of Luke Skywalker on Ossus.[3] Padawans Ben Solo and Voe trained with wooden swords during the early days of their apprenticeship under Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.[10] By 21 ABY,[11] Skywalker had delegated the task of supervising younglings, who trained with practice sabers, to his senior pupils including Solo.[3]



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