Tralfin was tropical resort world located in the Outer Rim Territories' Xappyh sector. In 28 BBY, the Human Qan Gindoch was born on Tralfin. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Moff Crin Harson of the Galactic Empire was murdered on Tralfin. A group of Rebel Alliance agents with which Harson had been acquainted was implicated in the crime, but eventually the real killer was discovered and the Rebels were cleared of the murder charges.


Tralfin was a lush, tropical paradise world[3] located in the Tralfin system, a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Xappyh sector.[1] It served as a luxury resort world and was owned and operated by an influential consortium of businessmen based in the Corporate Sector.[3]


The Human smuggler Qan Gindoch was born on Tralfin[4] in 28 BBY,[5] a fact which was noted[4] in 7 ABY[5] by New Republic General Airen Cracken in Wanted by Cracken, a datafile that served as a compilation of reports on various threats to the New Republic.[4]

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin,[6] the Imperial Moff Crin Harson was present on Tralfin. He developed a friendly relationship with a group of[3] Rebel Alliance personnel[6] who had also arrived on the resort world at that time. Although Harson met with the Rebel agents in public, he did not reveal his position in the Empire to them.[3]

Several days after the Rebels' arrival on Tralfin, Harson was murdered.[3] The Moff's body was discovered in his rooms, and the nearby group of Rebels,[6] which stumbled upon the murder scene several minutes after it was committed,[3] was implicated in the crime. Eventually, Harson's real killer was revealed, and the Rebel agents were cleared of all charges.[6]


Tralfin had an effective planetary law enforcement agency. The world's judicial system was quick and harsh, with individuals guilty of murder being punished by death. During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire did not deem it necessary to station troops or weapons on Tralfin. As a result, to its visitors Tralfin seemed removed from the conflict. The world became a popular vacation site for personnel of the Rebel Alliance since they could be anonymous there.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Tralfin was created by Bill Olmesdahl as the setting for "Murder in Paradise," a roleplaying adventure hook published in the 1992 supplement Star Wars Gamemaster Screen for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. "Murder in Paradise" suggests several reasons for why the player-characters would want visit the world, such as being rewarded by a luxury vacation by their superiors or a grateful client, or being sent on an undercover mission—possibly even to kidnap Moff Crin Harson, who ends up being murdered by another party.[3]

Tralfin was used as a setting for a roleplaying adventure hook included in the Star Wars Gamemaster Screen.

The adventure hook presents several options for the identity and motives of Harson's killer. It may be the Moff's wife, who, unbeknownst to Harson, visits Tralfin and discovers his affair with a mistress, and subsequently kills her husband in a fit of jealous rage. Other options include a grudge-bearing Imperial officer whose career Harson has ruined; Rebel Alliance sympathizers who carry out a political assassination and then try to pin the blame on the player-characters, who they believe are associated with the Galactic Empire; or a team of bounty hunters hired by one of Harson's superiors, who wishes to get rid of the power-hungry Moff.[3]

"Murder in Paradise" also briefly discusses the potential first reaction of the player-characters to Harson's murder, with both contacting Tralfin's law enforcement agency and attempting to hide the evidence of the crime being described as highly problematic for the characters. The adventure hook also suggests an alternate way to play it: instead of running a mystery adventure, the game-master player can frame it as a fast-paced escape scenario by having Tralfin's police launch a manhunt for the player-characters. They then have to avoid capture and escape, and possibly have to attempt to prove their innocence in later adventures. This article assumes the scenario plays out as described.[3]

The 2008 The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia established the canonicity of several details of Moff Harson's murder on Tralfin with respect to the Star Wars Legends continuity. It established that the Moff was found dead in his own apartment,[6] contradicting "Murder in Paradise," in which the body is discovered in the apartment of the individuals later implicated in his murder. This article assumes the latter source is correct.[3] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Tralfin system, and therefore Tralfin itself, in grid square Q-3.[2]



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