"Do I draw up plays for you on the grav-ball grid?"
"No, sir."
"Then perhaps you'll do me the courtesy of not trying to teach my class."
―Tralls reprimanding Zare Leonis for questioning the official Imperial version of events during the Chrona famine crisis[src]

Mister Tralls was the Current Events teacher at the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences in Lothal's Capital City. As a teacher, Tralls used his Current Events classes to promote propaganda defending the Galactic Empire's developmental projects. On one occasion, he taught Zare Leonis and his class a distorted version of the Trade Federation's crop engineering program on the planet Chrona. According to the official Imperial version of history, the Trade Federation deliberately engineered a famine by suppressing crop harvests in order to render the local population dependent on their medical services—on which they had a monopoly. Tralls lectured that the Galactic Empire had saved the day by nationalizing agriculture and reintroducing the modified crops.[1]

Mister Trall's version of events contradicted Zare's parents' recollections of the events on Chrona. Zare pointed out that the Trade Federation had indeed developed its own genetically modified crops but had not released them because they were not yet ready for mass production. While Zare acknowledged that the corporation had held back the distribution of these modified crops, the delay had only lasted one year after the Galactic Republic had settled a court case in the Trade Federation's favor. Zare added that his parents had developed these suppressed crops and had been present on Chrona during the time of the crisis.[1]

Zare's dissent displeased Mister Tralls who ordered the young man to stay behind for a discussion after the class had finished. Tralls reprimanded Leonis for questioning the official government version of events and accused the youth of sympathizing with the Trade Federation; something which Leonis denied. Tralls reminded his student that the purpose of his Current Events class was to justify the need for a strong central authority—the Galactic Empire—in the Galaxy. Tralls went on to lecture that the absence of a strong central government hindered progress and the welfare of galactic citizens. After ensuring future compliance from Zare, Tralls dismissed the young man.

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