The Trandoshan dropship was a large transport vessel used to deploy Trandoshan mercenaries and slavers on target ships.


RepCom trandoshanlander deployed

A drop ship in its landed state

The dropship was heavily shielded, able to withstand laser and light ordnance attacks. Only heavy projectiles and powerful missiles could breach the vessel's defenses. It was easily capable of withstanding fire from an EWHB-12 heavy repeating blaster.

The Trandoshan dropship had a volume approximately twice that of a LAAT/i gunship, though was much smaller than the CR25 dropship used on occasion by Republic forces.

The Trandoshan dropship raised its flight deck on a hinged mount at the rear of the craft when landed, to an angle of roughly 30 degrees. It is unknown what benefit this conferred for the craft or crew, although the raised portion could serve as a lookout post.

Mercenaries could be deployed without having the dropship land; the ship would hover over the desired site while the mercenaries rappelled directly to the surface.



The Trandoshan dropship in the Prosecutor's hangar.

When Trandoshans attacked the Acclamator-class assault ship Prosecutor, clone commandos from Delta Squad engaged many Trandoshan mercenaries and slavers who infiltrated the assault ship after deployment from their dropship. When commandos reached the hangar where the dropship was docked, they destroyed it using two of the Trandoshans' own Rocket Turrets they had set up in the hangar.

Later, Delta Squad encountered more ships of this design around a Trandoshan slave camp on Kashyyyk that was being used as a staging ground for Separatist activities prior to the Battle of Kashyyyk. When Delta Squad reached one of the base's landing pads, they found one dropship delivering reinforcements which took off shortly thereafter. A dropship delivered more mercenaries to the base's second landing pad just before Delta Squad arrived there.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Trandoshan dropship was created for the 2005 video game Star Wars: Republic Commando.


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