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"Jedi cruiser Tranquility, this is General Luminara Unduli requesting permission to land."
"You are cleared, General. We await your prisoner's arrival."
―Unduli and Argyus, as Unduli prepares to transport Gunray onto the Tranquility[src]

Tranquility was a Venator-class Star Destroyer that served as the flagship of Jedi General Luminara Unduli[3] during the Clone Wars. Following the capture of Separatist leader Nute Gunray on Rodia, the Tranquility was due to transport Gunray to Coruscant to stand trial for war crimes. However, the ship was assaulted by Sith assassin Asajj Ventress, who caused extensive damage to the Tranquility and escaped with Gunray and the turncoat Senate Commando Captain Faro Argyus.

History[edit | edit source]

"Everything's running haywire. Doors, lifts, communication's down. Propulsion's dead. She's crippled the entire ship."
―Argyus, on Asajj Ventress's sabotage of Tranquility — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

In 22 BBY,[5] following the capture of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray on Rodia, the Neimoidian was brought onboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Tranquility, on which he would travel to Coruscant to stand trial for war crimes.[2]

Clone troopers attempt to repel the droid invaders onboard the Tranquility

Accompanied by Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, Padawan Ahsoka Tano and CC-1004 "Gree", Gunray boarded the Tranquility, where he met with a team of Senate Commandos, lead by Captain Faro Argyus, who would also form part of his escort. The Jedi immediately began interrogating the Separatist leader, but just as Gunray began to crack, the Tranquility was assaulted by a number of vulture droids and Droch-class boarding ships.[2]

The boarding ships slammed into and pierced the Tranquility's hull, before unloading a number of B2-series super battle droids into the Jedi cruiser. A company of clone troopers attempted to repel the invaders, but were wiped out as the droids headed for the detention level of the ship, where Gunray was being held. Sith assassin Asajj Ventress also slipped onboard the Tranquility from one of the boarding ships, having been sent by Count Dooku to either rescue or kill Gunray due to the Separatist secrets that he held.[2]

Ventress triggers an explosion that destroys the reactors of the Tranquility

Unduli and Gree headed to assist the clones in their fight against the droids, leaving Tano, Argyus and several senate commandos to watch over Gunray. Meanwhile, Ventress sneaked into the engine room of the Tranquility, where she planted a number of thermal detonators whilst avoiding the gaze of the droid sentry 327-T. The assassin then headed for the detention level, where she faced off against Tano and the senate commandos. Knocking out the commandos, including Argyus, she managed to free Gunray whilst imprisoning Tano in Gunray's cell, only for Unduli and Gree to return having dispatched the droid invaders. Ventress briefly surrendered, but then set off the thermal detonators she'd planted earlier, triggering an explosion that crippled the Tranquility and gave her an opportunity to escape. Unduli gave chase, leaving Tano, Argyus and Gree with Gunray.[2]

Unduli tracked Ventress to the engine room of the Tranquility, and the pair dueled with their lightsabers, with Ventress slicing open a nearby vent that sent steam into Unduli's left eye and impaired her vision. Not long after, Ventress managed to trap Unduli underneath some metal pipes - but as she prepared to deliver the final blow, Tano arrived having decided that Unduli would need her help against Ventress. With both Jedi occupied, Ventress activated a signal which sent Argyus, who remained with Gunray, Gree and the other commandos, into action. Argyus gunned down his two fellow commandos and freed Gunray, using the Neimoidian as a shield as he was fired upon by Gree. Gree informed Unduli of Argyus's betrayal, but the Jedi were prevented from rushing to the scene by Ventress.[2]

Ventress duels with Unduli and Tano

Argyus and Gree dueled, and Gree looked to have the upper hand after dealing a serious blow to Argyus - only for Gunray to knock out the clone from behind. Argyus then signalled to Ventress, who made a quick escape from the Jedi. Argyus and Gunray proceeded to make their escape from the Tranquility, onboard the cruiser that had originally brought the Separatist leader from Rodia, and the pair are soon joined by Ventress, who jettisoned from the Tranquility via escape pod. Argyus gloated about the success of the mission, but was then killed by Ventress.[2]

Unduli and Tano, aboard the Tranquility, reported the situation to Yoda and Anakin Skywalker. Despite losing Gunray, they believed they could track him since he had commandeered a Republic ship - and this information was passed onto the nearby Jedi Master Kit Fisto. Fisto later tracked the ship to Vassek 3, where he found himself in the middle of a trap laid by Dooku - and in the midst of the lair of General Grievous.[2]

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