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"Jedi cruiser Tranquility, this is General Luminara Unduli requesting permission to land."
"You are cleared, General. We await your prisoner's arrival."
"Thank you, Captain Argyus. I look forward to delivering him to you."
―Jedi General Luminara Unduli and Captain Faro Argyus — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Tranquility was a Venator-class Star Destroyer in the service of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars, wherein it served as the flagship for Jedi General Luminara Unduli. In 22 BBY, the Star Destroyer was dispatched to Rodia in the aftermath of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray's capture by the Republic. Alongside General Unduli, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, a contingent of the Grand Army of the Republic's 41st Elite Corp, and a division of Senate Commandos, the Tranquility was to transport Gunray from Rodia to the Republic capital of Coruscant, where he would stand trial for war crimes.

Just as the Tranquility began its journey, it was accosted by Confederate Vulture droid starfighters and Droch-class boarding ships. Despite the efforts of the Star Destroyer's gunners, the boarding ships were able to pierce the Tranquility's hull, deploying super battle droids alongside Asajj Ventress, a Confederate assassin tasked with freeing Gunray from Republic captivity. Although the Republic forces aboard the Tranquility were able to repel the battle droids, Ventress crippled the Star Destroyer by setting off explosives within its main reactor room. This, in addition to the betrayal of a member of the Senate Commandos, allowed Gunray to escape the detention level, flee the Tranquility, and return to Confederate space. After a lightsaber duel in the destroyed reactor room, Ventress escaped the Tranquility as well aboard one of its escape pods, joining the fleeing Gunray and leaving the Jedi and Republic Navy with a heavily damaged Star Destroyer.


The ventral surface of the Tranquility.

Like all Venator-class Star Destroyers,[1] the Tranquility retained dual command towers, escape pods, a lengthy dorsal flight deck, and a ventral docking bay for larger ships such as Consular-class frigates. The exterior of the vessel sported numerous turbolasers, the insignia of the Open Circle Fleet, and the red markings common to ships of the Republic Navy.[3]

The interior of the Tranquility had a high-security detention level with several cells that were all protected by energy shields capable of withstanding lightsaber strikes. These shields were controlled by panels on the bulkhead next to the cells. At the entrance to the detention level was a control panel that provided readouts on the Tranquility's systems and status. The detention level could be accessed by turbolifts, or unconventionally via the Tranquility's ventilation shafts. The main engine room had several vertical reactors with walkways stretching on different levels, providing access for onboard personnel.[3] In addition, large pipes that carried fuel to the reactors ran along the ceiling of the engine room.[4]


Prisoner transport[]

"Gunray's capture could be a serious threat to us, my friend. The viceroy will not last long under Jedi interrogation."
"I have already put a plan into action, my lord. My best agent, Asajj Ventress, will infiltrate the Jedi ship, and either free Gunray, or silence him."
Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Ahsoka Tano outside Nute Gunray's cell.

The Tranquility was a Venator-class Star Destroyer in the service of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.[3] During the conflict, the vessel acted as the flagship for Jedi General, Master Luminara Unduli.[5] In 22 BBY,[6] the Tranquility was dispatched to the Outer Rim world of Rodia in the aftermath of the capture of Nute Gunray, the viceroy of the Trade Federation and a leading member of the Separatist Council. Following a failed attempt to bring Rodia into the Confederacy of Independent Systems fold, the viceroy was captured by the Republic Senators Padmé Amidala and Onaconda Farr and Associate Planetary Representative Jar Jar Binks.[7] The Tranquility, carrying a contingent of the 41st Elite Legion, was to collect Gunray from Rodia and transport him to the Republic capital of Coruscant, where he would stand trial for his war crimes.[3]

While the Tranquility orbited the planet, Clone Commander CC-1004, nicknamed "Gree," led the 41st Elite Legion to the surface to relieve the senators of Gunray and take the Neimoidian into custody.[7] The clone troopers were joined by General Unduli and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, who had been dispatched by the Jedi High Council to ensure safe passage for the Tranquility. The Jedi and clones concluded business on Rodia, and the Tranquility received a complement of Senate Commandos led by Captain Faro Argyus,[8] an undercover Confederate agent. With all of the viceroy's escorts in place, Gunray was ferried up to the Tranquility aboard a Consular-class frigate.[3]

The vessel docked in the Tranquility's ventral docking bay, unloading Gunray and his Jedi and clone escorts. The Neimoidian was taken to the vessel's detention level and placed inside a laser-shielded holding cell, guarded by the Senate Commandos and Gree. As the Tranquility departed from Rodia's orbit, Unduli and Tano began their interrogation of Gunray. However, unbeknownst to both Gunray and the Republic forces aboard the Tranquility, the Confederate Head of State, Count Dooku, had dispatched Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress to infiltrate the Tranquility and either rescue or kill Gunray in order to prevent him from leaking information to the Republic. Before the Star Destroyer was able to jump to hyperspace out of the system, Ventress arrived in Rodian space and ambushed the Tranquility with a squadron of Vulture droid starfighters. In addition to the Vulture droids, three Droch-class boarding ships headed for the Star Destroyer, and despite the attempts of the Tranquility's gunners to shoot the attacking ships down, the craft lodged themselves in the cruiser's hull.[3]

As the boarding ships began to disgorge B2 super battle droids into the Star Destroyer's dorsal flight deck, the 41st Elite's Green Company engaged the invaders. The Republic unit was decimated, and the battle droids continued toward the detention level. As Republic forces under Unduli and Gree continued to combat the droids in the Tranquility's corridors, Ventress, who had been aboard one of the boarding ships, entered the flight deck and sneaked into the Tranquility's ventilation shafts. From these shafts, she was able to access the Star Destroyer's reactor room, where she planted numerous thermal detonators while avoiding the sight of 327-T, a WED-15 Treadwell droid that was inspecting the area. After planting the timed explosives, Ventress returned to the ventilation shafts and proceeded to the detention level. With the Republic forces believing that the initial Separatist attack had been repelled, Ventress was able to quickly overpower Tano and the Senate Commandos guarding the Viceroy and free Gunray from his holding cell. However, the Dark Acolyte's progress was quickly halted with the return of Unduli and Gree from the fight in the Tranquility's corridors. Unduli joined Tano in her struggle against Ventress shortly before the Dark Acolyte's apparent surrender.[3]


"Everything's running haywire. Doors, lifts, communication's down. Propulsion's dead. She's crippled the entire ship."
―Faro Argyus, on Asajj Ventress's sabotage of the Tranquility — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Tranquility's reactors are destroyed.

Ventress had no intention of surrendering to the Jedi, however, and her timed explosives went off. The reactor room was engulfed in flames as the thermal detonators destroyed the Tranquility's engines, door and turbolift controls, and communication systems. The blast shook the entire vessel, allowing Ventress to escape the Jedi and flee to the ruined reactor room via a turbolift shaft. Unduli gave chase while Tano remained with Gree and Argyus to guard Gunray, who was returned to his cell. Ventress was able to ambush and overpower Unduli during a duel in the reactor room and nearly killed her after severing several large pipes from the ceiling. The pipes slammed to the floor, pinning Unduli's leg to the ground. However, Tano decided to disobey her orders and follow Unduli into the reactor room, and the Padawan was able to save the Jedi Master from Ventress and free her leg. Ventress, having distracted the Jedi away from Gunray, signaled Argyus via her wrist gauntlet.[3]

The captain received the signal and promptly killed his fellow commandos before opening fire on Gree. The clone commander attempted to return fire, but Argyus used Gunray as a living shield by pushing the viceroy between himself and the clone. Gree, unable to fire on enemy prisoners, instead entered into a brief fist fight with Argyus, but the combined forces of the traitorous Senate Commando and the viceroy knocked the clone unconscious. All obstacles removed, Gunray and Argyus fled to the Tranquility's ventral docking bay, where they commandeered the Consular-class cruiser originally used to bring them aboard. With the Tranquility still crippled from the blast, the cruiser made an easy getaway. Ventress fled the reactor room after detonating several more explosives and made her way to the Star Destroyer's escape pod bays, where she killed several clone troopers before escaping the Tranquility in one of its lifepods.[3]

The Tranquility was later repaired at the Outer Rim Command Center,[9] allowing Unduli and Tano to report their failure and the loss of Gunray to Jedi Generals Yoda and Anakin Skywalker. In the Tranquility's war room, the four discussed the continuing pursuit of the viceroy by Jedi General Kit Fisto, who was able to track the stolen Republic ship via its homing beacon. Shortly afterward, Tano left the Star Destroyer before Unduli and the Tranquility departed Rodian space.[3]

Commanders and crew[]


Trooper: "You keep watch here, 327."
327-T: "<annoyed beeps>"
Trooper: "Okay, okay. 327-T."
Captain: "You know droids never like to be called by their nicknames."
A clone trooper, 327-T, and a clone captain — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

As a vessel in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars, the Tranquility was heavily crewed by clones. The captain of the vessel was a clone who was present on the bridge during the Confederacy's rescue of Viceroy Nute Gunray alongside other clone naval officers who worked as gunners.[3] As her flagship, the vessel was under the overall command of Jedi General Luminara Unduli,[5] with Commanders Ahsoka Tano and Gree serving with her. With Gunray as a prisoner, the Tranquility received a complement of Senate Commandos, a security measure not commonly afforded away from Coruscant.[3]

The ship was patrolled by at least one WED-15 Treadwell droid, designated "327-T." The Treadwell droid was in the reactor room when Ventress planted her explosives, but was unable to spot her. He was later buried beneath rubble when the explosives detonated, only to be found by Unduli and Tano during their search for Ventress.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Tranquility first appeared in the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, where it served as the setting for the episode titled "Cloak of Darkness." The ship also appeared in the young readers book The Clone Wars: Ambush, and its damaged reactor room was a level in the 2008 video game Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels, in which players could reenact the duel between Ventress and Unduli.

The catwalks and columns in the Tranquility's engine room were designed by the episode's creators to be an architectural nod to the gravity control room of the Super Dimensional Fortress from the Macross anime series.[2]



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