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"When the First Order tried to take over the Cassander sector, in the Borderlands between the New Republic and First Order Space, Rose and I had our first mission."
―An excerpt from Paige Tico's journal[1]

The Trans-Hydian Borderlands,[5] also known as the Trans-Hydian Region,[2] the Borderland,[6] the Borderlands Regions,[3] or the galactic borderlands, was a region of the galaxy and home to many neutral star systems. During his time as chancellor of the New Republic, Lanever Villecham made great efforts to forge agreeable trade relations with these systems, favoring this policy to action against the rise of the First Order.[5] The Uvoss system[4] and the Breago system were located in the region.[3]

For centuries, pirate groups in the Cassander sector organized attacks to nearby systems from hidden bases inside the Kalki Nebula.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Trans-Hydian Borderlands is a concatenation of the two names for the Borderlands, a region of space introduced in the Star Wars Legends reference book The Essential Atlas. The region was given a canon name in the 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary.



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