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TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated was a diversified corporation best known for its starships.


Based on Narg in the Rayter sector, TransGalMeg competed heavily with Tagge Co. in a number of varying markets, with primary focuses on mining and colonization.

The firm produced a number of transport vessels for internal use to avoid the high cost of shipping firms, and the designs became popular for their size, speed and durability. This growth prompted a major shift in the corporation's resource towards starship development and technological manufacturing.

Vaksai XWM

TransGalMeg designed the Kihraxz assault fighter.

During the Clone Wars, TransGalMeg sided with the Galactic Republic, and received a lucrative subcontract from Kuat Systems Engineering for the hyperspace transport ring for the Delta-7 Aetheresprite-class and Eta-2 Actis-class interceptors.[1]

However, it is interesting to note that the company also produced the Bulwark Mark I, which went on to be built by the Techno Union and used in the Bulwark Fleet.

Its stance during the Galactic Civil War was less clear. Under the leadership Chief Administrator Braig Farool, TransGalMeg aligned itself firmly with the Empire. After discovering Narg in 3 BBY, the Empire granted TransGalMeg provisional protectorate authority of the world. It was the Empire's hope that by allowing TransGalMeg to manage the planet for ten years, it would give its exceptionally xenophobic Humans a chance to prepare for entrance into the galactic community. Thus, the Chief Administrator acted as Narg's planetary governor and moved the firm's corporate headquarters from Pako Ramoon in the Grohl sector to Narg. Despite its alignment with the Empire, TransGalMeg produced starships for Black Sun,[2] and the Rebel Alliance during the height of the New Order. TransGalMeg also manufacturerd the Xiytiar-class Transport, one of which came to be known as the Hyperspace Marauder, owned by Lo Khan.




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