A transport capsule is a type of vehicle used to transport equipment and/or biological beings across the galaxy.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire used these capsules to transport Bledsoe's disease-infected objects to various planets, including Tay'ah'loo and Tatooine, in order to infect Rebel agents and sympathizers to glean into the location of Rebel bases and outposts to destroy them. The former was unscheduled, and the latter backfired due to the Jawas locating the transport capsule, selling the scrap materials, and then eating the contents (squills), thus unknowingly getting themselves infected with the disease. Likewise, because of the reports of various Rebel-allied worlds being wiped out as well as their connection to the transport capsules, Luke Skywalker went to Tatooine after learning that the capsule landed there.


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