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The Travelling Jindas

The Travelling Jindas meet the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village.

"The Jindas are famous for their habit of getting totally lost. Once they've left a place, they will never return again."

The Travelling Jindas were a tribe of Jindas living on the forest moon of Endor. Hundreds of them boarded the colony ship Free Enterprise in 130 BBY to settle Kuna's Eye, but the ship crashed on Endor, where the Jindas established a thriving tribe. This tribe's nomadic lifestyle resulted in the term "Jinda" being used by the Ewoks and an insult for nomadic members of their own species.

The Jinda tribe had originally made its living as peaceful farmers who worked for the Rock Wizard. They eventually were accused by their lord for attempting to poison him, causing him great pain, and were cast out of his lands, forced into a life as wandering entertainers. To keep them from settling down, the Rock Wizard inflicted the Jindas with a curse that caused every large rock in the area to float and chase the tribe away whenever they stayed in one area too long.

The displaced tribe wandered the Forest Moon of Endor. They wore colorful clothing and played many different musical instruments. The Jindas lived as traders, moving from settlement to settlement. They often got lost, which turned out to be actually deliberate. Chituhr was their animal trainer, and Bondo was their leader.

After several years as nomads, the Jindas visited the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village and performed for them. Impressed with their calling, the Ewok Latara stowed away to join their company, but when a party of her friends followed her to convince her to return, the tribe obliged them and helped convince her to go home Later, the Jindas' rescued a group of young Ewoks captured by Skandits. Unfortunately, when they took the Ewoks home to Bright Tree Village, the curse was invoked and the villagers found themselves obliged to shelter the Jindas.

After learning of the Jindas' story, Logray and Teebo tried to remove the Rock Wizard's curse and free the wanderers. The Rock Wizard, angered at this interference, arrived to confront the Ewoks, but relented when he realized that by an amazing coincidence, Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka was wearing his lost tooth as a pendent. When he requested it, he replaced it in his mouth and realized that loss was the true cause of his pain and the Jindas were innocent all along.

As a result, the wizard called off the curse and invited the Jindas to return to his lands.

Behind the scenesEdit

A Guide to the Star Wars Universe indicates the Jindas are an Ewok tribe, but Castaways of Endor established they are a separate species. The article also explained why nomadic Ewoks in Star Wars Galaxies are called "Jindas."



An Ewok "Jinda".


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