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"We lost the whole comm center, more or less intact, and most of the sector fleet supply depots. On the plus side, we didn't leave them any ships they could use. And we were able to make enough trouble on our way out to let General Kryll sneak Travia Chan and her people out from under the Imperials' collective snout."
―Pash Cracken[2]

Travia Chan was a Human female from Fest. She was active in resistance movements for many years, having founded the Fest Resistance Group and later leading the Atrivis Resistance Group. Following this, Chan was made Alliance Commander-in-Chief for the Atrivis sector. She was present on Generis when the planet was captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn but managed to escape the Imperial presence there and retreat off-world.


Travia Chan was a Human female born on Fest, a planet in the distant Atrivis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. As a child, she suffered from an illness that left her confined to a repulsorchair for the rest of her life. As the Galactic Empire began to oppress her sector and homeworld, Chan became one of the original founders of the Fest Resistance Group (FRG). Following the massacre of independent resistance fighters on neighboring Mantooine, Chan orchestrated the union of the FRG with the Mantooine Liberators into the Atrivis Resistance Group (ARG) and became its first and only military commander. Later the ARG was approached by Mon Mothma, a resistance leader who masterminded the creation of the pan-galactic Alliance to Restore the Republic, who urged them to join this wider union. After some deliberation, the ARG signed the Treaty of Generis, becoming an official ally of the Rebellion; Chan maintained her leadership throughout this transition, becoming the Atrivis sector Commander-in-Chief. While in this role, her disability kept her mainly confined to the Generis command base and its medical facilities; to compensate, her Chief of Staff, Loom Carplin, frequently acted as her eyes and ears off-world. When Carplin was off-world, Chan was aided by the Wookiee Busurra, an able administrator.[1]

When the Rebel Alliance transitioned into the New Republic, Chan remained on Generis, working at the Outer Rim Communications Center there. In 8 ABY, Generis was conquered by the resurgent Imperial forces under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn. In this instance, he had personally planned the assault. While the entire communications facility was lost to the Imperials, Chan and those under her command were able to escape the planet with the aid of New Republic General Kryll after Commander Pash Cracken provided a distraction.[2]

Personality and traits[]

The childhood illness suffered by Chan left her with a weak frame and physical infirmities resulting in her being confined to a repulsor chair. Nonetheless, Chan had a sharp mind, developing into a capable theoretical strategist. She was renowned for her cool demeanor, and her ability to judge complex and dangerous situations without being affected by emotion. This, combined with her iron determination, earned her the nickname "Icewoman."[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Travia Chan was a competent commander, able to command large scale resistance organizations, and was skilled in ground assaults and small squad tactics. She was knowledgeable about alien species and the inner workings of a bureaucracy, as well as skilled in computer programming and repair.[1]


Chan was confined to a repulsorchair, and carried a comlink and datapad.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Travia Chan was created for the The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, which used the Atrivis sector forces as an example of a typical Rebel group. She was later mentioned in passing in Timothy Zahn's novel The Last Command.



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