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Trax Bonkik was a Rodian male mechanic who, with his older brother, Pax, was a slave to the Podracer Mars Guo. Shortly before the Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY, Trax and Guo got into an argument that led to their owner violently beating Trax and planning to sell him after the Podrace. During the event, the Podracer Sebulba damaged Guo's Podracer and later arranged to have Guo's possessions auctioned off.

Fellow Podracer Teemto Pagalies, who had previously befriended Pax, was only able to free Pax, and Trax got sold off to Sebulba. Pax, however, was determined to save his brother and worked for Pagalies, who went on to win the Aleen Classic, with only enough money to be able to free Sebulba's slave Ann Gella, whom he had romantic interest in. However, he ended up instead ultimately freeing Trax from Sebulba and reuniting the Rodian siblings.


Early life and working for Mars Guo[]

The Rodian male Trax Bonkik had a bond with his older brother, Pax, who hailed from Rodia,[1] the homeworld of their species.[2] Their parents, being shiftless spice addicts, sold the Bonkik brothers into slavery.[1]

Trax's older brother looked out for him after they became slaves, with the Rodians drifting from owner to owner, eventually learning skills to increase their worth. Working primarily as mechanics, the Bonkik brothers ended up working for a minor league Podracer, Mars Guo, who would force the siblings to work to near-exhaustion on his Podracer, a Plug-2 Behemoth.[1]

Boonta Eve Classic and eventual freedom[]

Pax and Trax Bonkik worked as mechanics for Mars Guo prior to and during 32 BBY's Boonta Eve Classic.

In 32 BBY,[3] Guo intended to compete in the Boonta Eve Classic on the planet Tatooine.[4] Trax and Guo had a heated argument shortly before the Podrace. Trax's master subsequently beat him and claimed he would sell him off following the race.[1]

Pax, who hoped not to be separated from his younger brother, contacted Podracer Teemto Pagalies, who he had previously befriended and was also participating in the race; Pagalies agreed to help Pax, not wanting the brothers to be split.[1] Guo's Podracer was destroyed by fellow Podracer Sebulba during the competition,[5] and although Trax and Pax could have been potentially free of their obnoxious owner, Sebulba instead arranged to have Guo's possessions auctioned while Guo was recovering from his crash.[1] Since Pagalies had also lost his Podracer during the race,[5] he was only able to afford to buy Pax at the auction, with Trax becoming Sebulba's property.[1]

Pax was determined to free his brother and decided to stay on with Pagalies and serve as his mechanic even when freed. Pax and Pagalies traveled to the racing circuit searching for Sebulba or Trax. With Pagalies later winning the Aleen Classic, he only could afford to free Ann Gella, a slave of Sebulba's who he had romantic interest in. However, he instead purchased Trax, freeing him and reuniting the brothers. The siblings would never again be apart.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Trax Bonkik had a close bond with Pax. As a result of his impulses, the heated argument he got into with Mars Guo led to the latter violently beating him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In 2005,[6] Trax Bonkik was created by javajawas, who wrote the Databank entry for his brother as part of the StarWars.com Hyperspace feature "What's The Story?"[1] While Pax Bonkik appears with another Rodian mechanic in the 1999 prequel trilogy film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace,[5] no official Star Wars media has identified the other mechanic as Trax.


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