The Trax sector was a sector located in the Kashyyyk Region of the Mid Rim.


Trax sector

The Trax sector and its surrounding sectors

As part of the greater Kashyyyk Region,[2] the Trax sector was located in the Mid Rim, bordering the Expansion Region. On the Mid Rim side, it was surrounded by the Terr'skiar, Mytaranor, Kastolar, Esaga and Teraab sectors.[1] The sector had over 178 systems, with ten worlds having developed sentient life.[3] Notable Planets in the sector included Bundim,[3] Draenell's Point, Deysum III,[3] Entrus,[3] Fehern,[3] Jhensrus,[3] Lexrul,[5] Longwind,[5] Essowyn[4] and Uogo'cor.[5]

The main Navigation route was the Trax Tube, which crossed the sector and connected the main worlds with Randon in neighboring Mytaranor sector[2] and continued trailing until Lannik and Bothawui, becoming known as the Bothan Run along the way.[13] The second main route was the Terr'skiar Pass, which connected the sector capitals Terr'skiar and Deysum III.[2]


Early historyEdit

As part of the politically turbulent Kashyyyk Region, the Trax sector was often controlled by different factions that fought for control over this stretch of space.[2] The area that would later become the Trax sector was first explored between 15,000 BBY and 8000 BBY, between the Kymoodon and Rianitus eras,[14] although colonization would not take place until a much later era.[9]

Around 5000 BBY, the time of the Great Hyperspace War, the area was part of what was considered the "civilized galaxy" and was close to the then-borders of Hutt Space.[15] When Darth Revan waged war on against the Galactic Republic, the Trax sector was part of his Sith Empire during the height of its might.[7]

Old Republic eraEdit

During the last stages of the New Sith Wars, around 1004 to 1000 BBY the sector was part of Hutt and Sith space[16] and remained under the control of the Hutts during the following millennium.[8] The most important planets were settled during this time, but most of the expansion began around 200 BBY. During the following two centuries, the population grew from five billion to 500 billion, living in a total of 178 inhabited systems, although only 47 of these were officially recognized.[9] Deysum III was the first planet settled and became a very polluted and industrialized world and the sector's capital.[3] Other big population centers developed on Lexrul and Longwind, while a pirate gang, known as the Dark Warbirds took over the Uogo'cor system and enslaved its native population.[5] Subsequently, the system became a well-known shadowport[17] as well as spice smuggling port.[18] The Eddelian trade ships of Fehern became a common sight on several neighboring planets.

When the Clone Wars began all over the galaxy, the Trax sector became a contested area between the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Hutts and the Old Republic,[19] but was firmly under Hutt control once again during the Outer Rim Sieges.[20]

Imperial eraEdit

When the Galactic Empire came to power, Hutt Space was greatly reduced in size and the Trax sector came under Imperial rule.[17] From Deysum III the Empire not only controlled the Trax sector but also the Coreward parts of Hutt Space[6] with a massive sector force of over 2,500 ships, five military bases and over one million troops.[9] Battles were fought against the native Eddel,[3] the pirates in the Uogo'cor system were wiped out and Lexrul was united.[5]

Bounty hunters Jodo Kast and Lotas had a competitive run-in in the Trax sector, during which Lotas lost his right arm.[21]

Following the Battle of Endor, the Trax sector was among the first sectors to throw off the Empire.[10]

Later erasEdit

After the death of Emperor Palpatine, the sector remained loyal to the Empire proper until the New Republic advances during 4 ABY to 6 ABY[22] After change in government, the New Republic moved the sector capital from Deysum III to Longwind.[6] By 137 ABY, the areas was under control of Darth Krayt's Sith Empire.[11]



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