"Imperial Star Destroyer Garrett to all loyal Imperial forces... This is Lord Vader, the time for victory is now."
―Darth Vader[src]

The Treachery at Ottega was a campaign that took place in the Parmel system, undertaken by the Galactic Empire to eliminate the remaining forces of Admiral Harkov, while Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin staged a coup d'etat against Emperor Palpatine. Imperial forces successfully destroyed Harkov's flagship, along with other Rebel Alliance forces as Zaarin's own units arrived to interdict Imperial starships, Darth Vader’s Garrett among them. Vader broke through Zaarin's lines utilizing the new TIE Defender in an attempt to reach the Emperor. Aided by Maarek Stele, the Dark Lord succeeded in saving Palpatine from Zaarin's forces, but ultimately failed at destroying Zaarin's flagship.

The CampaignEdit

Trap the ProtectorEdit

Vader had successfully located the remnants of Admiral Harkov's fleet, more specifically the Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector. The warship had stopped in a system where Rebel forces had left cargo containers with which to supply the remaining traitorous forces. Meanwhile, the Interdictor cruiser Harpax entered the system near the Protector, activating its gravity well projectors in order to keep Harkov's fleeing associates from escaping. Two flight groups of TIE Avenger starfighters deployed with the Harpax, ordered to destroy the cargo containers to halt the traitor's re-supply efforts and protect the vulnerable Harpax from counterattack until additional Imperial forces could arrive.

Emerging from hyperspace, the TIE Avengers Alpha encountered TIE/IN interceptors H-Delta barreling down on them, warhead launchers armed. Splitting their flight group, Avengers Alpha proceeded to destroy the Rebels' containers as their wingmen handled the harassing TIE/LN starfighters, Interceptors, TIE/sa bombers, and Avengers. Imperial starfighters quickly succeeded in destroying the supply cache, moving on to fend off enemy fighters. Avengers Alpha rallied back towards the Harpax, awaiting additional Imperial forces to arrive. Remaining traitorous TIEs continued to pursue, joined by the Mon Calamari MC40a light cruiser Warhawk. Z-95 Headhunters and T-65 X-wing starfighters soon joined the battle, originating from the Warhawk, and began attacking the Harpax. Moments later the Nebulon-B frigate Akaga also emerged from hyperspace, launching more Z-95s. Imperial TIE Avengers acted swiftly to eliminate the impending threat on Interdictor Harpax as Z-95 Headhunters from the Akaga began firing proton rockets and bombs. Avengers managed to intercept incoming warheads with laser cannonfire between eliminating the rest of the starfighter threats. The Assault Transports Lambda arrived on the scene, followed by Avengers Alpha and Beta, who returned to their hangars for the next assault.

Destroy the AkagaEdit

With the arrival of the frigate Akaga, Imperial pilots from TIE Avenger Alpha returned to the field to defend the Interdictor. Expecting the arrival of Darth Vader aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Garrett, TIE Avengers Alpha entered the system armed with space bombs to destroy the Akaga. Alpha delivered the first devastating blow to Akaga, lowering the warship's shields with a single volley of space bombs. Prepped for reload operations, the Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transport Goya arrived as Avenger's warhead magazines ran dry. Avengers Beta and Gamma covered attack operations on the Akaga by intercepting incoming enemy TIEs and Z-95 Headhunters. Members of Alpha flight conducted docking operations until the Akaga collapsed under the massive wave of Imperial ordnance. With the Rebel frigate out of the way, Imperial Avengers continued their mop up operations as the Garrett arrived. The pace of the operation hastened with Darth Vader on-station; Imperial pilots reported to the Garrett to prep for the next phase of the attack.


Coup de tatZ

TIE Avengers destroying Zaarin's Assault Transports.

Having removed the threat of Frigate Akaga from the battlefield, Imperial starships set forth to destroy the remaining defecting forces, along with the local Rebels. Defecting and Rebel forces had no escape with Interdictor Harpax intact, Imperial forces dispatched their starfighters on yet another assault on enemy capital ships. Imperial Commanders expected Admiral Zaarin to arrive soon, closing the trap around any remaining forces. Aided by group Gamma, Avengers Alpha returned to the fray to eliminate the remaining capital ships.

TIE Avengers Theta dealt with enemy fighter cover as Alpha group delivered Proton torpedoes into Calamari Cruiser Warhawk. Transport CUV18f1 departed the Garrett as Avenger magazines emptied, standing by with additional warheads. With Theta occupying any starfighters, Alpha and Gamma performed bombing runs on the Warhawk unopposed, returning to the safety of Imperial Star Destroyer Garrett's Turbolaser range to reload as needed. With the Warhawk burning in space, Imperial pilots turned to eliminate Victory Star Destroyer Protector. Imperial forces overwhelmed the defecting force with unprecedented efficiency, continuous fire from assaulting starfighters reducing the Protector to rubble.

The Interdictor cruiser Harpax came under fire just as Alpha group finished off the Protector. Two Rebel CR90 corvettes Triumph arrived near the Harpax, closely followed by Escort Shuttles Spitfire, attempting to aid the futile Rebel cause. Imperial fighters scrambled to tackle the incoming Rebel ships, within firing range of the Harpax. Interdictor Harpax began taking damage from Corvettes Triumph as Admiral Zaarin's force arrived.

Shocking loyal Imperial forces, Zaarin's fighters and Assassin-class corvettes began firing on Imperial Star Destroyer Garrett. Imperial forces did not hesitate; TIE Avengers Alpha armed their Torpedo launchers, unloading on Corvettes Arditi. Avengers Theta immediately engaged rogue Assault Gunboats escorting Zaarin's Assassin-class Corvettes. Imperial fighters succeeded in destroying corvettes Arditi, only to be replaced by Corvettes Falcon group, and Assault Transports Upsilon, and later Corvettes BaKaar. A maelstrom ensued around Imperial Star Destroyer Garrett as loyal Imperial starfighters frantically confronted the impeding rogue Imperial assault force. Remaining Rebel B-wings Blue still loitered in the system, unnoticed by the distracted Imperial forces. Having already sustained heavy damage, B-wings Blue succeeded in dealing the fatal blow to Interdictor Harpax. Despite the destruction of the Harpax, Imperial starfighters succeeded in eliminating all enemy forces in the system, protecting the Garrett, and Lord Vader.

TIE DefendersEdit

Td vs gun

Maarek Stele pursuing enemy Assault Gunboats.

Upon discovery of Admiral Zaarin's plot against the Empire, Lord Vader assembled a flight group for a journey to Coruscant to inform the Emperor. Having worked closely with Admiral Zaarin and currently serving aboard the Garrett, Vader selected Maarek Stele to lead his mission to Coruscant. Vader departed the Garrett with his assembled team aboard the newly assigned TIE Defender starfighters. In order to reach the Emperor, Vader arranged for Nebulon-B2 frigate Osprey to rendezvous with his TIE Defenders from group Delta. Before their departure, a member of the Secret Order informed Stele of the gravity of his mission; Lord Vader must reach Coruscant at all costs, he must be prepared to fight his way out of any trap or ambush.

TIE Defenders Delta emerged from hyperspace into a trap laid by Zaarin’s rogue forces. Interdictor Harpago had positioned itself in the system to thwart the departure of Lord Vader with its gravity well projectors. Rogue Assault Gunboats immediately attacked the loyal TIE pilots, even though heavily outclassed. Stele and Vader mowed down rogue starfighters with astounding zealousness. Despite the combined talent of an Imperial Ace and the Dark Lord of the Sith, rogue Imperials had deployed numerous starfighters further delaying Delta's assault on the Harpago. Frigate Osprey arrived during the fighting; the Harpagoanswered by deploying TIE Bombers to assault it. Fierce starfighter combat had bred expediency; TIE Defenders Delta soon turned on Interdictor Harpago with a payload of Proton torpedoes. Harpago fought desperately against the loyal Imperial forces, to include exchanging Turbolaser fire with the Osprey, but soon fell prey to the notorious piloting skills of Delta 6, Darth Vader, and his wing mates.

With the silence of the Harpago, Defenders Delta boarded Frigate Osprey. Delta received a payload upgrade to Concussion missiles for the upcoming sortie, as Frigate Osprey departed for Coruscant to deliver the news to the Emperor.

Rescue of the EmperorEdit

Aboard the Osprey, Lord Vader arrived near Coruscant to discover Admiral Zaarin's forces had abducted the Emperor from his Imperial-class Star Destroyer Majestic. Lord Vader dispatched Maarek Stele to the battlefield, sending him to search for the craft taking the Emperor to Zaarin's Imperial Star Destroyer Glory. Once located, Assassin-class Corvette Mescue would arrive to rescue Emperor Palpatine while Darth Vader, Maarek Stele and other pilots held off the defecting Imperials.

Lord Vader, TIE Defender Delta 4, emerged from hyperspace directly behind the Majestic with Maarek Stele commanding the rest of flight group Delta. Escort Shuttles Hellcat and Haven emerged from the Majestic's hangar moments after Vader's arrival. Stele ordered his wingmen to attack Shuttles Hellcat following his inspection, not revealing the Emperor onboard. Stele flew past Shuttles Haven, locating the Emperor aboard Haven 3. TIE Defenders Delta destroyed the traitorous Escort Shuttles, save Haven 3. With the shuttles out of the way, Delta group split up to disable Haven 3 and attack Imperial Star Destroyer Glory. Stele blasted Haven 3 with Ion cannon fire until it froze dead in space. With Haven 3 disabled, Corvette Mescue arrived for docking, liberating the Emperor. While the Mescue docked with Haven 3, Star Destroyer Majestic limped into hyperspace, evading Zaarin's forces. Stele, along with the rest of Delta proceeded to attack the newly arrived TIE Avengers from the Glory. As loyal TIE Defenders quarreled with mutinous Avengers, Admiral Thrawn aboard Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vanguard emerged from hyperspace. The Vanguard launched TIE Bombers to assault the Glory. Imperial starfighters pursued the traitorous fighters with determination, eliminating opposing fighters before assaulting the Glory in mass. With enemy starfighters out of the way, Imperial pilots hammered away at Imperial Star Destroyer Glory, only to face disappointment. Have sustained heavy damage, the Glory fled to hyperspace.

The aftermathEdit

"We are here to honor one who has served the Empire."
―Emperor Palpatine[src]
Med cer7

Maarek Stele about to receieve The Emperor's Will.

Imperial forces succeeded in eliminating the remnants of Harkov's fleet and destroying a Rebel cruiser to boot. The servants of the Empire then confronted the betrayal of Admiral Zaarin and his rogue Imperials. This battle created one of the most challenging enemies loyal Imperial forces had ever fought. Admiral Zaarin, a known technophile, possessed some of the most advanced starships in the Imperial Navy. Despite this, Lord Vader and Maarek Stele had successfully saved the Emperor from capture, returning him to the throne. Stele even received The Emperor's Will at a special ceremony on Coruscant after his daring rescue. With the Emperor safe, Imperial forces set out to combat the traitorous Admiral Zaarin.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Treachery at Ottega" is the name given to Battle Seven in Star Wars: TIE Fighter Maarek Stele has achieved the rank of Colonel by this battle; the circumstances of his promotion are unknown. During this battle Hamo Blastwell, under the alias of Commander Trace, fails in an attempt to steal plans for the TIE Defender from Zaarin's vessel.



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