Treasure of the Hidden Planet is an animated film released on DVD in 2004. It is a feature-length compilation of the Star Wars: Droids episodes "Tail of the Roon Comets", "The Roon Games", "Across the Roon Sea", and "The Frozen Citadel".


In 1997, episodes 5–8 were edited together to make The Pirates and the Prince, and in 2004 episodes 10–13 were edited together to make Treasure of the Hidden Planet.[4][5] The Pirates and the Prince combines four of the five episodes of the Mon Julpa arc into one story, while Treasure of the Hidden Planet combines the four episodes of the Mungo Baobab arc into one story. The original opening credits and theme song are not included as part of the films, and were replaced with simple credit sequences and new scores by Marco D'Ambrosio.

Besides cutting the theme song of the series, many other small modifications were made for the home video releases, most notably changes to the soundtrack.[6] The song that R2-D2 plays on the jukebox is now the song that the Max Rebo Band plays in The Pirates and the Prince. A new prologue is narrated by Alex Lindsay (digital effects artist for The Phantom Menace), as the voice of Mungo Baobab.[7] The opening sequence of Treasure of the Hidden Planet features clips from the television special "The Great Heep," although the complete special isn't included. These omissions and the added dialog were intended to make the story into a consistant whole, in order to give it more of a feature-film feeling.


The cover of the 2004 DVD release of Star Wars: Droids

Treasure of the Hidden Planet was released on Region 1 DVD on November 23, 2004 under the title Star Wars Animated Adventures: Droids. It contained both The Pirates and the Prince and Treasure of the Hidden Planet.[8] These compilation films were later released in several Region 4 countries, such as Brazil (the Brazilian edition was released in 2005 with the Region 1 and 4 codes on the same disc) and Australia.


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  • Executive Producers: George Lucas, Miki Herman
  • Produced by: Clive A. Smith, Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert
  • Supervising Producer: Lenora Hume
  • Based on the characters by: George Lucas
  • Directed by: Raymond Jafelice, Clive A. Smith, Ken Stephenson
  • Music by: Stewart Copeland
  • Story Editors: Peter Sauder, Ben Burtt
  • Unit Director: David Thrasher
  • Assistant Director: Scott Glynn
  • Animation Directors: Mike Fallows, Gord Stanfield, John Laurence Collins
  • Voice Director: Rob Kirkpatrick
  • Recording Assistant: Susan Phillips
  • Casting Director: Arlene Berman
  • Casting Assistant: Deborah Patz
  • Production Designers: Jim Craig, Frank Nissen
  • Designers: Charles Bastien, Richard Livingston
  • Design Coordinators: John Pagan, Tony Eglill
  • Design Assistants: George Elliott, Ross Campbell, Brian Foster, Mark Romza, Faye Hamilton, Steven Manning, Mark Harris
  • Storyboard Supervisor: Arna Selznick
  • Storyboard Artists: Scott Caple, Jim Caswell, Sam Dixon, Jim Craig, Sam Agro, Laura Sheperd, Jim Miko, Dave Cox, Joe Holdor
  • Assistants: Ted Ravn, Nicholas Campbell
  • Layout Artists: Rick Allen, Roger Jakublec, John Alrd, Brian Lee, Rick Bentham, Dawn Lee, Peter Biellold, Mark Marren, Eric Chu, Chris Minz, Rick Corriganm Tom Nesbitt, Nancy Easun, Dave Pemberton, John Flagg, Rob Sadler
  • Character Posting: Shane Doyle, Paul Riley, Mike Girard, Shawn Seles, John Hooper, Linda Williams, Ronald Migliore, Lynn Yamazaki, Rolf Zondag
  • Background Stylist: Barry Atkinson
  • Assistants: Keith Slache, Judy Mathews
  • Special Effects Director: David Marshall
  • Special Effects Designers: Trevor Davies, Jan Steel Moffati, Alexis Wallrich, Peter Yamasaki
  • Graphics: Kim Cleary
  • Color Designers: Jan Leitch, Eileen Middleton, Carol Bradbour, Margaret Rol, Parker McIntyre
  • Associate Producers: Dana Orlando, Peter Sauder, Paul Dini
  • Associate Supervising Producer: Peter Hudecki
  • Production Coordinators: Heather Walker, Judy Nelson
  • Production Manager: Barbara Fish
  • Production Assistants: Steve Chadwick, Paul Hogarth, Julie Fener, Garth Roerick, Barbara Bjarhasan
  • Production Secretaries: Joy Folla, Nancy Shenton
  • Quality Control: Evelyn Baker, Rose Nangle, Brenda Kelly, Betty Oldham, Diana Lyle, Lisa Ratke, Rhyette Zazinski
  • Supervising Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick
  • Coordinator: Steve Fraser
  • Pre-Production: John Broughton
  • Editors: John Baktis, Gordon Kidd, Richard Bond, Paul McGowan, Peter Goodale, Michele Moses, Mac Holyoke, Sheila Murray, Stephen Hudecki, Philip Stilman, Chris Hutton, Keith Traver
  • Assistants: Dave Allman, Ian Jeans, Mike Bass, Al Maciulis, Peter Branton, Kathy Nicholaichuk, Stephanie Crawford, Mike Reid, Steve Fitch, Cindy Romanovich, Tim Griffin, Jamie Whitney, Eric Hurlbut
  • Additional Production: Hanho Heung Up Co. Ltd, Minan Inc.

Feature Edition

  • Producer: Rick McCallum
  • Editor: T.M. Christopher
  • Main Title Sequence: Kirk Henderson
  • Assistant Editor: Mike Jackson
  • Music Editor: Robin Lee
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo
  • Machine Room Operator: Al Nelson
  • Lucasfilm Ltd: Tim Fox, Des Carey

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