The Treaty of Vontor was signed by representatives of the Hutts and the three races of the Si'Klaata Cluster: the Klatooinians under Barada M'Beg, the Nikto under D'we'mouk, and the Vodrans under Kl'ieutu Mutela. These three races had already, together with Weequay soldiers, formed the backbone of the armies Kossak the Hutt had recruited to defeat Xim the Despot at the Third Battle of Vontor during the Xim Wars. After the Hutt victory, the Si'Klaata Cluster was part of Hutt Space, and the Treaty of Vontor put its three native races in a state of permanent servitude towards the Hutts.

In 44 ABY, after the Sith of the Lost Tribe desecrated the Fountain of Ancients on Klatooine, which the Hutts had promised to protect, the Klatooinians declared the Treaty of Vontor null and void, ending a slavery which had lasted for over 25 millennia.[1]

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