"Be careful when purchasing an NR-5. A small company called "Tredwall" is marketing an NR knockoff that works for about ten hours before completely frying all of its circuits!"
―Kraemr, on Cynabar's Droid Datalog[2]

"Tredwall" was a small droid manufacturer[2] comprised of outlaw techs in the Corporate Sector.[1] It stole the designs of several Kalibac Industries droids and produced cheap, faulty imitations,[2] further diminishing KI's reputation after its operations were severely weakened by a series of lawsuits brought on by Cybot Galactica[1] over shared components.[3]

In the year 2 BBY,[4] Tredwall produced and marketed a knockoff of KI's NR-5 Series Repair Droid that worked for nearly ten hours before completely frying all its circuits. A male Rodian known as "Faddo" worked for the company as a wandering sales representative, selling defective droids to gullible marks on the Vohai Unirail while somehow avoiding persecution by the law. An individual known as Kraemr warned potential NR-5 buyers of their NR knockoff on Cynabar's Droid Datalog. Having been swindled by Faddo, an individual identified as Drev, via the Datalog, invited those scammed by the Tredwall con artist to meet him on[2] the planet[5] Selonia in the next month to help Drev exact vengeance.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Tredwall was first mentioned in Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids, a Star Wars Legends supplement written by Drew Campbell and Eric S. Trautmann for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game[2] and released on April 1, 1997.[6]


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