"Try to imagine that you're at home. One of the children is screaming, and the other two are tugging at your elbows, each demanding that you punish the other for some slight."
"Chewbacca is playing tree-drum music at ear-splitting levels. See-Threepio is nattering on about nothing. Artoo-Detoo is behind your chair, arguing with the household droids in Basic. The hypercomm is blaring two channels at once, both too loudly. Your comlink is chirping in your pocket. You have three messages from people who want you to come do them a favor, and Leia's insisting on your attention. Lando has a raucous sabacc game going in the next room, there's someone at the front door, and a flight of airspeeders keeps buzzing right over your head."
"Okay, that'd be a little worse than routine. A little."
Luke Skywalker explains to Han Solo his plight as a man constantly asked to solve galactic issues[1]

Tree-drum music was a form of music.[1] The Wookiee species played tree-drum music to celebrate a holiday called Life Day as early as 1,500,000 BBY.[2] During the Black Fleet Crisis, the Wookiee Chewbacca enjoyed this style and sometimes played it quite loudly.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Tree-drum music was first mentioned in 1996's Before the Storm, the first novel of Michael P. Kube-McDowell's The Black Fleet Crisis trilogy.[1]



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