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Tree Vikkilynn was one of the inhabited wroshyr trees that made up the Wookiee settlement of Kachirho, in the Wawaatt Archipelago of the planet Kashyyyk. It hosted the headquarters of the ancient Claatuvac Guild.[1]

The base of Tree Vikkilyn contained a number of structures including the Ceremonial Entrance, an Air Traffic control Monitor, a Wroshyr Lice Distillery (used to create wroshyr lice syrup), and a ceremonial oration platform. The base of the tree housed the city's wastewater processing plant, while the roots were home to hangars for fluttercraft and oevvaors and stables for sureggi.[1]

Farther up the tree were cargo and passenger landing platforms, a fuel refinery that operated on wroshyr sap and leaves, the city's main archive, and an armory/training area for warriors.[1]

Even higher were manufactories, communication equipment, homes, a sap distillery (used to produce sapwater), a theater, and an entertainment complex. The very highest part of the tree contained religious shrines and the homes of the Tree Carers.[1]


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