"Page turners, they were not."
Yoda, on the contents of the library[src]

The tree library was a reading chamber within the hollowed-out trunk of a uneti tree on the temple island of Ahch-To. A bookshelf within contained the original sacred texts of the Jedi religion during the period of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's exile on the island.[2] The texts were assembled by Skywalker himself.[3]

Rey discovered the library while attempting to bring Skywalker out of his exile to aid the Resistance, and was confronted about her purpose on the island by the Jedi Master within the chamber. She later retrieved the library's books, storing them on the Millennium Falcon, prior to leaving Ahch-To for the Crait system. Shortly thereafter, Skywalker attempted to burn the uneti tree down, but was intercepted by the Force spirit of Yoda, who called down a lightning strike that set the tree alight.[4]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The tree library was designed to be evocative of the shape of the Rebel Alliance starbird. Early in the film's development, the Jedi library was initially designed as an actual building, before a tree was settled on.[5]



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