Trelbio spaceport was the main starport of the planet Veron. Trelbio was near the coast on the continent of Vusl and was also near Hengin Ki-Tapp Wett Gon-far which had complete control over the spaceport, and strictly regulated which other cities could do business within the spaceport and support buildings.

Virtually anyone who came to Veron arrived through Trelbio spaceport. Located on the coasts of the continent of Vusi, the sprawling facility served dozens of tramp freighters on a daily basis and was a ferry point for tourists coming from space cruiseliners parked in orbit.

The main spaceport, Trelbio Tower, stood 40 stories tall, and contained luxurious hotels and fine restaurants. There were over thirty buildings directly supporting Trelbio Tower. Each of these buildings had hotels, restaurants, freight merchants, travel agencies, and tour guide services.

Other families had to purchase expensive permits to open shops and offer guided tours, although the amount of revenue brought in by these businesses more than offset the cost of the permits. The spaceport had the highest crime rate of any location on the planet, chiefly because it was the only place where non-Gazaran would be able to blend into the crowd. Burglaries and baggage thefts were the most common form of crime.


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