Trevi IV was a Truishii trade colony located within the Trevi system of the Mid Rim.


Trevi IV was the fourth planet in the Trevi system and was of little remark. The terrain consisted of desert plains and barren deserts. There was little surface water.[2]


The planet was uninhabited until a Truishii trade convoy suffered a hyperspace accident and was forced to land on the planet. They chose the largest body of water as their landing point to make repairs. However, after landing, the Truishii decided to stay on the planet and found a colony.[2]

The proximity of the system to several important hyperlanes soon lead to the fast grow of the colony, which became known as Trevi City.[2] The Bith Fiz "Fizzi" Cor'gril owned a used starship business called Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships.[3][2]

The Galactic Empire maintained a small presence on the planet and had a base outside Trevi City. They rarely interfered with the local commerce, but kept a constant lookout for Rebel activity.[2]


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