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Trevura was an Imperial-controlled Inner Rim planet with a prominent droid population. At some point between 0 BBY and 5 ABY, an underground droid resistance group on Trevura hired the assassin droid S-R6 to kill the local governor, Merno Blask. In response, Blask arranged for a recently developed anti-droid inhibit setting for blasters to be field-tested in Voma, the planet's capital.

During that time, a group of Rebel Alliance agents, seeking to escort a vital astromech droid off-planet, killed a pair of Imperial stormtroopers equipped with the experimental inhibitor guns. Shortly afterward, S-R6 established contact with the Rebels and met them at his garage, whereupon stormtrooper reinforcements engaged everyone present at the structure in a fierce firefight.


Trevura was a terrestrial planet located in the Inner Rim's[1] Trevura system.[2]


Threatened by droids[]

On Trevura, Imperial stormtroopers field-tested experimental blaster rifles.

At some point between 0 BBY and 5 ABY,[3] an underground droid enclave on Trevura hired the off-world assassin droid S-R6 to kill the local Imperial governor, Merno Blask. When Blask learned that an assassin droid would make an attempt on his life, he arranged for an Imperial research-and-development team to carry out a field test of the inhibit setting, a recently developed blaster mode of operation designed to disable droids, in Trevura's capital city, Voma.[1]

As part of the test, Imperial stormtroopers were equipped with blaster rifles outfitted with the inhibitor setting. The stormtroopers then patrolled the city's streets, ionizing any nearby droids under the pretense of the latter having gone rogue. The troopers' actions were discreetly observed by a small group of Imperial technicians who were taking notes on the performance of the experimental weapons. In addition, S-R6, an avid collector of various firearms whose interest had been drawn by the appearance of the modified rifles, utilized a hovering spy eye droid to monitor the Imperial activities.[1]

The "inhibitor incident"[]

At the same time, the Rebel Alliance dispatched a group of individuals to Trevura. The Rebel agents were to safely escort an astromech droid carrying sensitive information about Imperial weapons research off the planet, under the cover of assessing local land and considering its purchase. In Voma, a pair of stormtroopers attempted to disable and search the astromech droid, leading to a short firefight in which the group killed the two troopers.[1]

Shortly thereafter, the Rebel agents came into contact with S-R6, who was masquerading as a simplistic ASP-series labor droid, and visited the assassin's garage, where the droid expressed his eager interest in the inhibitor guns. At that moment, a group of stormtroopers summoned by the Imperial technicians as reinforcements attacked the structure. After an intense firefight, the Rebel group, assisted by S-R6 and his protocol droid, T-3PO, emerged victorious. S-R6 then escaped with the inhibitor guns while the Rebel agents expeditiously took the astromech droid off-planet aboard their starship.[1]


Trevura was an Imperial world that was considered to be relatively civilized. It was home to a sizable population of droids, which were intensively traded on the planet. Due to the local governor's strong anti-droid prejudices, droids on Trevura were frequently harassed by the local law enforcement.[1]


Voma was the capital city of Trevura. Droids could be seen in the city's streets. Several blocks away from where the Rebel agents confronted Imperial stormtroopers, a garage used by the assassin droid S-R6 lay adjacent to an urban alley.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Pardon my intrusion, sirs. I am T-3P0 [sic], a translator droid. My master couldn't help but notice that you have acquired some unusual ordnance."
―T-3PO approaches the player-characters in one of the alternate scenarios in "Gun Nut"[src]

Trevura was created for "Gun Nut," a roleplaying mini-adventure for the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game written by Jeff Quick and published on Wizards.com on April 11, 2002.[1] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Trevura system, and therefore Trevura itself, in grid square K-14.[4]

"Gun Nut" presents two alternate scenarios of events that depend on the player-characters' actions concerning the inhibitor guns of the stormtroopers they have killed in the streets of Voma. If the characters pick up the weapons, they are soon approached by S-R6's protocol droid, T-3PO. The droid offers to buy the firearms on the behalf of his master, and if the characters agree, leads them to S-R6's garage, where the assassin droid personally continues the negotiation for the weapons.[1]

If the characters do not pick up the inhibitor guns, they are then collected by S-R6 in the disguise of a labor droid performing cleanup on behalf of the Trevura government. The "labor droid" then beckons for the characters to follow to his garage, upon which they can either choose to ignore the droid and quickly make preparations to leave the planet or follow him to his hideout, where S-R6 proceeds to question the characters about their experience with the inhibitor guns. Regardless of which scenario the player-characters follow, they end up in S-R6's garage, proceeding to the remaining part of the adventure.[1]


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