Trey Bruhnej was a Human male from Alderaan and the twin brother of Driscoll Bruhnej. In 0 BBY, Alderaan was destroyed by the Galactic Empire's first Death Star, sending Trey and Driscoll, as well as thousands of Alderaanian refugees to Alderaan's sister planet Delaya. When Princess Leia Organa visited Delaya to help the refugees, as well as recruit soldiers for the Rebel Alliance, Trey and his brother were among an Alderaanian faction that resented Organa's involvement with the Rebellion, blaming her for their homeworld's destruction. Their group abducted Organa then planned to turn her over to the Empire in exchange for a new planet to settle on. However, the Imperials reneged on the deal and took Organa after killing her abductors. Trey and his brother were the first to die, acting as guards to their group's hideout.


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