"You've just witnessed the beginning of a long and exceptional military career."
―Treyz Manech[src]

Treyz Manech was a male Human Imperial commander serving on the Outer Rim Territories world of Troska. Originally a lieutenant, Manech was removed from duty aboard an Imperial-class Star Destroyer after an attempt to commandeer the ship. Manech nonetheless sought advancement through the Imperial heirarchy—an aspiration made difficult by his corrupt superior on Troska, Commander Sev Buzk. Although his attempts to progress through the chain of command had been futile, Manech saw an opportunity to exploit both Buzk's illicit activities and his antagonistic relationship with the planet's ruling entity, the Kyber Royal Family.

Utilizing the services of bounty hunter Boba Fett while reporting Buzk's unsavory activities to Admiral Priam, Manech sought to instigate open conflict between Buzk's Imperial garrison and King Natas Kyber. He paid Fett to attack the Kyber holdings in Buzk's name, prompting both the king's ire and aggression, and forcing Buzk to scramble his forces to stop the indomitable bounty hunter. In the ensuing confusion, Buzk's forces were defeated by the king shortly before the arrival of Admiral Priam, who had the Kyber palace attacked, bringing a swift end to the conflict. With the king subjugated, Buzk was put under arrest, with Manech given effective control of Imperial operations in the Dantus sector.



"And on it goes. Small minds arguing about small problems, chasing each other in circles, missing the bigger picture entirely."
―Treyz Manech[src]

Treyz Manech was a male Human who served as a lieutenant in the Galactic Empire during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. He served on a Imperial-class Star Destroyer at one point,[2] alongside another officer, Kelmont. At some stage while on duty, Manech detected a reading that he believed to be an Alliance to Restore the Republic convoy—seeing an opportunity to ascend through the ranks, Manech attempted to commandeer the Star Destroyer. When he failed to seize command, Manech, along with Kelmont, was transferred to the backwater Outer Rim Territories world of Troska, a planet where, by Manech's estimation, there was not much latitude for advancements through the ranks.[1]

The Imperial presence on the world, directed by Commander Sev Buzk was built on deception and misdirection rather than sheer force.[1][3] By making the local populace believe that full-scale Imperial occupation of Troska was imminent, Buzk was able to partake in extortion, gambling rackets, and political coups. Buzk was of the belief that he was utilizing the exploitation of Troska's people to his own political advantage within the Empire—Manech privately disagreed. The commander was in league with the Kyber Royal Family, who operated the planet's refineries. The relationship however, was a tenuous one between Buzk and the Royal Family—at one point, the commander had Prince Torino Kyber in custody, and subjected him to the techniques of the Imperial interrogation squad.[1]


"Well, that wasn't quite what I had in mind."
―Treyz Manech, surveying the wreckage of Commander Buzk's force.[src]

In 0 ABY, Manech devised a strategy to secure the promotion that he had been continually denied by Buzk during his service on Troska. The plan involved delivering an emphatic and authoritative blow to the Kybers autonomously, while undermining the commander and ultimately supplanting him. To that end, Manech summoned the bounty hunter Boba Fett to Troska, with a view to striking violently at the royal family, albeit in Commander Sev Buzk's name. It was Manech's hope that this would in turn goad King Natas Kyber to engage in open conflict with Buzk's forces.[1] At the same time, Manech reported Buzk's illegal activities to Admiral Priam,[1][4] knowing that the Empire were intending expand their presence within the system imminently. Priam, although skeptical as to the success of Manech's plans, nonetheless afforded him the finances required to hire Fett. The final part of the plan involved Kelmont&mash;Manech elected to only let his confidante know of Fett's hiring, and relied on his friend's adherence to the chain of command to ensure that Buzk would ultimately be told of the bounty hunter's presence, ensuring the open conflict between the commander and the king. Fett would also stop short of killing the king upon breaching the palace, and would accept payment from Natas to "defect" and aid the Royal Family in battling the Imperials.[1]


Manech incurs Buzk's wrath.

While Manech waited for Fett's arrival, an issue arose with Refinery Six-Two-Two when the Kyber Royal Family blockaded all transports, and the refinery's foreman protested the Imperials' recent price adjustments. Manech, reporting the disturbance to Buzk, asked whether dispatching stormtroopers to respond would be wise—Buzk instead sought to communicate directly with Prince Torino Kyber via comlink. As Buzk and Torino inevitably argued over the validity of each other's actions, Manech lost interest, and departed the base with Kelmont to reveal Fett's hiring. Kelmont was aghast when the Mandalorian armor-sporting bounty hunter emerged, but Lieutenant Manech was adamant that Buzk had no knowledge of the development. Manech presented Fett with a credit chip and assured the bounty hunter that he would be doing the Empire a great service by striking at the Kybers—Fett was more interested in the contract, however. Kelmont was still incredulous as Fett departed on a swoop bike, warning Manech that he could be executed for insubordination as they made their way back to the base. Manech was nonetheless adamant that he was taking the first step towards a lengthy and considerable career advancement.[1]

As Manech and Kelmont arrived back at the base, they received a communication from Fett, who had wreaked havoc at Refinery Six-Two-Two. The bounty hunter then mentioned that he would be moving onto "Phase Two" and striking at the palace. Manech feigned shock as Kelmont panicked at the thought of war, lambasting the lieutenant before predictably running off to report to Commander Buzk. The commander was apoplectic upon hearing the news, throttling Manech before being interrupted by news of an incoming communication from King Natas. The monarch was outraged by the action against Refinery Six-Two-Two—Buzk attempted to pass it off as interference from the Hutt Cartel, before Natas displayed a recording of Fett specifically identifying Buzk as his employer. Furious, Buzk had his TIE squadrons scrambled in the hope that they could reach the palace before Fett in order to stop the bounty hunter.[1]

While Buzk's TIE/sa bomber and TIE/LN starfighters approached the palace, the commander, as well as Manech and Kelmont followed in Reconnaissance Troop Transporters. Caught unawares, the Imperials were fired upon by the Kyber Royal Family's forces, obliterating the fighters and Troop Transporteres, leaving Manech, Kelmont, and Buzk to scramble from the wreckage. Observing that the result was some way removed from what he had originally envisioned, Manech was met by Fett, who raised his blaster to the lieutenant's cheek, before removing it to signal the end of the ruse. At that moment, Admiral Priam's forces arrived, her TIE/LN fighters attacking the palace and ending the brief battle. As the admiral herself landed in a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, she had Buzk arrested and lauded Manech for orchestrating both King Natas's removal and uncovering the commander's less savory activities on Troska, especially given that Buzk's reputation within the Empire was previously favorable.[1]

Priam suggested that after terms had been discussed with King Natas, she would set about securing Manech's promotion—in effect, he would be given command of the Imperial presence in the Dantus sector.[1][5] Kelmont was dejected, feeling that Manech had lied to him, but the lieutenant countered, admitting that he had relied on his friend's adherence and loyalty to the chain of command, and that those values would be what he would seek in his personal executive adjunct, before offering Kelmont the job. Kelmont accepted, before marveling at the complexity of Manech's scheme, which had been achieved with limited resources—the lieutenant pointed out that hiring someone of Fett's quality had played an important part. He approached the bounty hunter, and offered him a job keeping the peace on Troska. Fett scoffed at the suggestion, as Manech would not be able to afford the bounty hunter's services full time. Fett was however curious as to why Manech chose not to simply supplant Buzk and inherit the rackets—Manech had a vision for the Dantus sector at large, and ultimately valued power more than wealth. Before departing, Fett pointed out to Manech that he had by seizing power he had in fact inherited a great many wealthy adversaries, who would be willing to hire anyone capable of having the lieutenant removed from his new-found position. Left with Fett's final comment, Manech was considerably perturbed by the thought,[1] but was nonetheless promoted to the rank of commander, and given control of the garrison.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"It's only a matter of time before the Empire's reach extends to this sector. When that happens, power will be more important than wealth."
―Treyz Manech[src]

The conclusion of Fett's charade under Treyz Manech's instruction.

Obsessed with progressing up the chain of command, Treyz Manech found it difficult to accept the decisions of his commanding officers, resulting in both his being removed from active duty on a Star Destroyer, and his undermining of Commander Buzk on Troska. He believed that he was better suited for command than those he served, and was willing to circumvent the chain of authority to do so. He was particularly disdainful of life on Troska, as well as the modus operandi of the Imperial presence on the planet. He believed that the respect of the Galactic Empire could be utilized to inspire fealty in others, and had utter disregard for the lives of those outside the Imperial hierarchy, such as the antagonistic Kyber Royal Family. Manech was supremely confident in his own schemes and plans, but he also preferred to remain clandestine, keeping the true nature of his ploy involving Fett a mystery even from his confidante Kelmont. The lieutenant was able to feign surprise and disbelief at his "plan" going awry when Fett demolished Refinery Six-Two-Two, whereas in fact the entire operation was proceeding exactly as he had planned.[1]

Although Manech could have simply taken over Buzk's illicit activities on Troska and reaped the benefits personally, he instead chose to act in a manner that would benefit the Empire at large and secure himself considerable power within that region of space. His work to secure Troska for Imperial occupation gained him the respect of Admiral Priam and, ultimately, Kelmont, who was originally dejected at the thought of having been a pawn in Manech's greater scheme. Although he had exploited Kelmont's unswerving loyalty to Commander Buzk, Manech also respected it, hoping that loyalty would serve him well in future. Although Manech's plot was elaborate, his faith in it was built around the quality of the bounty hunter he had selected in Fett, although he failed to contemplate that someone else would ever attempt to undermine him in the same fashion.[1]

Appearance and attireEdit

Treyz Manech had black hair, which he wore cropped short with long sideburns. He wore a standard Imperials officer's uniform, with a cap.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Manech first appeared in the comic issue Boba Fett: Overkill (2006), written by Thomas Andrews and penciled by Francisco Ruiz Velasco. The character was later given a first name of "Treyz" in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (2008), which to date is the only other Star Wars product he has been referenced in.



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