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TriNebulon News, sometimes stylized as TriNebulon News, was a large media corporation.


One of their subsidiaries was Tri-Nebula Entertainment. It had its headquarters in the Column Commons District on Coruscant.

Known TriNebulon News journalists included Andor Javin and the Rodian Yutsen.

Millennium Entertainments had a shareholder interest in TriNebulon News.[1]

Although TriNebulon News was not officially part of Imperial HoloVision, it nonetheless was required to publish any stories that paint the Galactic Empire in a positive light as well as spreading only loyal sentiment, with the threat of punishment if they fail to do so.[2]

TriNebulon News was still active in 41 ABY, when it carried Tirs Maladane's account of their actions aboard the Star Destroyer Anakin Solo at the Battle of Kashyyyk during the Second Galactic Civil War.[3]

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