Tria Bartyn, known as Benevolent Tria was the Administrator of Lamaredd, working for the Outer Rim Oreworks as the successor of her parent, Hugo Bartyn. She was well-liked among her subjects.


Tria Bartyn was the oldest daughter to Hugo Bartyn. Hugo had been the founder of the fishing town Bartyn's Landing in Lamaredd, the Administrator to the local mines for Outer Rim Oreworks, and a tyrant to the inhabitants of his personal fief, aquatic aliens who were almost slaves at least until the founding of the Sailor's Union. Hugo also had an oldest son, Traggat.

C. 499 BBY, both Hugo, Traggat and several others were killed in mysterious circumstances. Tria inherited the Administratorship and the power.

Tria decided to not continue her father's policies. She arranged for the working aliens to be free of what Hugo had called "indentured servitude", and she prompted the Sailor's Union to expand and to open at least one hall in each of the towns of Lamaredd. She became very popular for these measures, and earned the nickname of "Benevolent Tria".

In time, some people raised Tria to a quasi-religious status, thanking Benevolent Tria for the good times as they also thanked The First-Wavers.

In 29 BBY, the local administrator Guther Bartyn, another descendant to Hugo, owned an Ubrikkian yacht that he named Tria Blue in a vain attempt to impress the locals.


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