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The Trianii were an advanced, adventurous felinoid species that inhabited the outermost portion of the Tingel Arm bordering the Corporate Sector. Their homeworld was Trian.

Biology and appearance[]

An angered Trianii.

Their general form was in some ways similar to the Togorians, Cathar, and Catuman Warriors (indeed, many Trianii that were found on other worlds were mistaken for the aforementioned species), and like them, Trianii had excellent balance and eyesight, and a talent for leaping, jumping, and acrobatics. Unlike most other feline species, however, Trianii had prehensile tails. They had fur, which could come in a variety of colors and patterns. Adult Trianii averaged two meters in height.

Trianii females were generally stronger than their male counterparts, as well as being more dexterous and mindful of artistic values. For this reason, tribunals of females called yu'nar governed their society. Trianii culture was organized around their religious beliefs, with dance, art, music, literature, and even industry and commerce all revolving around spirituality. At one time, the Trianii had many different religions, but the leaders of these different faiths all agreed upon a specific moral code of conduct and brought together a religious coalition that lasted for thousands of years. Most Trianii were still active in the traditional faith of their families, though, and all religious figures were held in great regard.

The Trianii usually wore no clothing, except when it was needed for utility or protection. The one common garment of the species was a belt, used to carry tools, weapons, or other items. Ceremonial garb was usually limited to jewelry, ribbons, and other such adornments.


A Trianii Ranger targets a Purge trooper

The Trianii were a fiercely independent people. They were constantly driven to explore, and being technologically advanced, they established colonies in no less than six neighboring systems, including Brochiib, Pypin, Ekibo, and Fibuli. Each of these colonies was organized as a completely independent civilization, founded by Trianii who were seeking a different way of life.

Because of their determination and forbearance, they ferociously resisted Corporate Sector Authority expansion into their territories, starting the CSA–Trianii War. Colonists assisted by the Trianii Rangers (an independent space force of the Trianii people) pushed the invaders out of their colonies.[2]

Very little is actually mentioned of the Trianii Rangers, but it is garnered that they are presumably adept combatants in space, with training also in practical warfare, something the CSA took note of when they encountered unnaturally stiff resistance from the sentients. During the skirmishes between the two, a few Trianii were captured and interrogated- some were sent to the asteroid prison facility of Stars' End, before its destruction.

A Trianii headshot

Trian remained independent and unhindered throughout the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire. After the Empire fell, the Trianii indicated no desire to join the New Republic.

The Trianii produced a number of starship designs, such as the RX4 Patrol Ship.

Behind the scenes[]

While the novel Han Solo at Stars' End specifically states that Trianii do not typically wear clothing, the comic adaptation of the book, as well as the entry in The Essential Guide to Alien Species, show Trianii wearing clothing. This may have been due to reluctance on the part of publishers to print what some readers might construe as nudity.



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