"This town's about as attractive as a Hutt's backside."
Kyle Katarn describes Trid — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Trid was the de facto capital of the planet Danuta. In 1 BBY, an Imperial garrison on the outskirts of Trid was expanded into a full military installment, and home to a sprawling research facility.

It also contained a spaceport, a B'omarr Order Temple, a school, a fusion plant, and various homes and small businesses, such as Brodsport Mining Corporation and the Blue Moon cantina.

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During a Rebel mission to obtain plans of the Death Star, former Imperial officer Kyle Katarn was sent on a mission to cut through the Imperial station's reduced defenses. There, he found his old friend, Meck Odom, as an Imperial officer; however, Katarn was able to convert him to his side. Despite his skill and adrenaline, Katarn was on a few occasions saved by luck, and in the most intense moments of fighting, he found himself beginning to draw on the Force to sense things before seeing them—a reliance he did not yet fully understand. However, despite lower resistance, the facility was still heavily fortified with various security systems.

Katarn found a red banded key which gained access to the lift and led to a security room. The security room contained a control panel which opened the staircase leading into the control room. Aiming to preserve Odom's anonymity, Katarn wounded Odom with a careful nonlethal shot that incapacitated him. After retrieving the memory matrix, Katarn then met Jan Ors and the Moldy Crow at the rendezvous point on the roof, escaping with the plans that ensured the obtainment of a complete layout of the Death Star.

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The research facility seen in level one of Star Wars: Dark Forces was based in the city of Trid; however, the name "Trid" was not invented until the release of Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire.


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