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The Trident-class assault ship, also known as the Trident assault ship, was a model of aquatic gunship manufactured by the Colicoid Creation Nest. They were used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. The starships acted as both attack craft and transports that could travel underwater and in space. A larger version of the ship known as the Trident drill assault craft had a giant drill spike located at the bottom of the craft, which could be used to penetrate the hulls of battleships and bunkers. The ship could then release troops such as AQ-series battle droids by use of deployment racks through the hole it created.


The engines on Asajj Ventress' Trident

The Trident-class assault ship, also known as the Trident assault ship, Trident drill assault craft,[1] or simply drill assault craft, was a type of assault ship manufactured by Colicoid Creation Nest. They had four durasteel-armored tentacles equipped with magnetic grapples that served both as weapons and as a means of mobility, as well as a rhombus pyramid-style head that featured several observation portals.[2]

It was not equipped with a hyperdrive, although it could be effectively utilized underwater.[2] It measured at 88.71 meters[4] and was equipped with eight laser cannons. There were two variants of the Trident-class, a smaller variant and a larger variant.[6] At the base of the head and between the tentacles larger variant was a drill spike used to penetrate the hulls of battleships and other vessels and structures, and could open up to deploy battle droids, such as AQ-series battle droids, from deployment racks.[2]

Trident drills clamber onto Tipoca City.

Its observation portals could be breached by blaster spears,[7] and despite being equipped with deflector shields,[2] they could be destroyed by a single hit from a missile launcher.[5] The interior of the vessel could be adapted to become submerged, although if not adapted, a breach of the observation portals could haywire systems, resulting in interior explosions that could send the vessel out of control.[7]


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Asajj Ventress had a personal Trident-class vessel named the Trident which she used to kidnap Jabba the Hutt's son, Rotta from Tatooine during the Clone Wars.[8]

The ship was heavily featured during the Battle of Kamino, as it could travel through the planet's seas and deploy various troops, including B2-series super battle droids and AQ-series battle droids. As Republic forces seemingly won a fleet engagement above the planet, Ventress amassed her droid forces underwater and eventually, the Trident-classes leaped out of the water and onto Tipoca City, directly deploying the droid armies either onto platforms or drilling through the city walls and deploying droids directly inside. The vessels also used their long arms to take out clone troopers who attempted to repel the droid invaders. Some of the Tridents were taken out by Advanced Recon Force Scout Troopers using RPS-6 rocket launchers, and eventually the tide turned and the Separatists lost the battle.[5]

It also played a role during the Battle of Mon Cala, where Separatist forces led by Riff Tamson made use of it as a command center. The Trident was used to create whirlpools that stunned enemies and allowed Separatist forces to capture many Republic soldiers.[7]

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