Trig Longo, known in the Imperial criminal system as Inmate ICN-299282, was a prisoner onboard the Imperial prison barge Purge alongside his brother, Kale Longo circa 1 BBY. The barge broke down during the trip. He was one of the few survivors of the Purge.


Trig Longo in the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir


When a plague spread through the Purge, the brothers were unaffected, though many others died. Trig was frightened and Kale did all he could to soothe him as well as tried to get him to talk about what happened to their father Von, though to no avail. During this time, Kale wrote an unfinished letter to Von and hid it under his mattress, though Trig found it without his brother's knowledge and added to it.

Trig and Kale tried to sell illegal blasters and power packs to Aur Myss, but the deal went sour as Myss tried to have the two brothers killed. Kale ripped out the rings in Myss's face and they escaped. A guard named Wembly later informed Trig that Myss had put out a bounty on him and his brother and soon Myss was in the cell next to the Longo boys. When the plague swept through the Purge, Trig and Kale were unaffected by it. However, they had no food and were facing starvation. Wembly's last act was to release the cell doors. Trig and Kale walked out, but were almost immediately attacked by Myss. Kale killed him by thrusting a knife through his skull.

The two brothers came across the dead bodies all over the Purge. Thinking they were the only two still alive, they found an escape pod and were about to escape, but Jareth Sartoris showed up and took the pod, leaving them behind. Trig and Kale went to the opposite side of the ship and found another escape pod. There they met Han Solo and Chewbacca, who were going to take the pod and leave them behind again. However, Zahara Cody arrived and informed them that the pod could not be launched without the launch codes. Cody and the two smugglers went to the command center to find the codes while Trig and Kale stayed with the pod.

Hearing a noise, Kale went to investigate, while Trig stayed behind. Trig heard scratching noises from inside the pod, and at that same moment Cody found the codes and released the door. A zombie jumped out and chased after Trig, trying to eat him. He managed to escape and found Kale. More zombies showed up and the brothers ran to the command center, where Cody, Han, and Chewie were trying to fight off more zombies. Trig saw the dead body of his father and tried to go to him. Kale saved him, but was bitten by his father instead. Then, the five survivors boarded the Vector, hoping to find a ship to escape on.

Vector and Familiar Faces[]

Realizing they had to release the tractor beam before taking a ship, the five of them tried to go to the command center of the Star Destroyer. However, Kale's injury left him unable to walk, so he stayed behind, along with Cody. Trig and the two smugglers went ahead.

Being chased by zombies, Trig, Han, and Chewbacca found the only way to the command center was to cross a chasm on a narrow catwalk. Trig was afraid to cross it, so he stayed put, while Han and Chewie continued on. Trig was astonished to see his brother Kale walk past him and enter a chamber. Trig went after Kale, wondering why his brother was not responding to him. Entering the room, Kale was nowhere to be seen. Trig soon realized the room he was in was filled with dead bodies. The door back out was locked, but there was a ventilation shaft overhead. Climbing the bodies, Trig found he was being chased by a zombie wearing a stormtrooper helmet. Trig made it to the shaft, but the zombie jumped on top of him and the helmet came off. Trig was horrified to find it was his brother Kale. One half of his face had been shot off and his body had been infected by the plague. Crying and seeing there was no way to save his beloved brother, Trig pushed him out of the shaft and into the chasm below.

Trig soon saw the chasm was full of zombies, the original crew of the Star Destroyer. They only way to escape was to go down to the catwalk. If he missed he would fall into the heap of the dead. Going back up was not an option either. The dead bodies had come to life and were following the smell of fresh meat that Trig represented. The decision was taken out of his hands when the creatures at te bottom of the pit began to fire blaster rifles up at him, damaging the ventilation shaft and causing him to fall out onto the catwalk. Trig managed to hold on, but the zombies began to jump out after him. They all missed except for one, who latched onto Trig's leg. It was Aur Myss. While Han Solo and Chewbacca debated going back out onto the catwalk after him, Trig finally lost his grip and began to plummet down towards the waiting dead. Just as it seemed death would be imminent, a hoverlifter smacked into them. Myss plummeted below and Trig was swept inside. The pilot was Jareth Sartoris. Picking up Han and Chewie — who had disabled the tractor beam — Sartoris told Trig that his father had been a good man and would have been proud of him. Sartoris had been bitten and knew he was going to die. Realizing that his weight was slowing down the lifter, he told Trig to take the controls and then jumped below, into the sea of creatures.

Escape from the Plague[]

Believing Cody to be dead, Trig, Han, and Chewie made their way to a shuttle that Sartoris had told them about. They took off in it, along with two stormtroopers. Thinking they were finally safe, they were proved wrong when they found that a zombie had stowed away. It quickly killed both troopers and then attacked Han, but was shot by Zahara Cody, who had not died after all, but had in fact been saved by White, another stormtrooper.

On the trip back to civilization, Han taught Trig how to pilot the shuttle. The only four survivors from the entire population of Vector and the Purge eventually landed on Galantos. Han and Chewie went one way, explaining they planned to get their ship out of impound, while Trig went with Cody to the planet Chandrila. Trig and Cody went to deliver a letter to Kai Zook, one her husband had wrote to her and her children before falling victim to the plague. She then invited them in for something to drink. Trig told Cody that he could imagine himself settling down there someday, though it is unknown if he ever did.


Trig Longo was later present during the Blackwing virus outbreak on Dathomir.[1]



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