Trigdale Metallurgy was a company that specialized in raw mineral and crystal processing and refining.


Trigdale Metallurgy was a major consortium working in processing and refining raw minerals and crystals. They were noted for their radioactive storage and reactor systems. Originally one of the contributing sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority, they were upgraded to voting sponsor.[1]

The company was a secondary rights-holder in the development of Goroth Prime, one of the few worlds in the galaxy where hyperbarides could be found naturally. Trigdale lacked sufficient funds to become a primary developer of Goroth's resources during the bidding process. The Trigdale branch at Goroth was headed by Director of Operations Cambion Bayrd, who bore full responsibility for the success or failure of Trigdale's Goroth operation and secretly negotiated a partnership with the Karflo Corporation's Goroth branch in violation of Trigdale's strict guidelines.[2]

Trigdale once had a Tolium refinery on the planet Seregar.[3] After the fall of the Galactic Empire, Trigdale cut ties with many of its subordinate divisions, including a marketing division that would go on to become Syndicate One and Executive Results after being seized by Saujutta-Ok-Topii.[4]



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