"My ancestors, the Octans of the Darpa sector, used the power gems to raid ships and amass wealth. Four thousand years ago, Margrave Octan brought the gems to this moon, which he named after his wife. After the Margrave vanished with the Sun Runner, it was long rumored that the gems were still with him. In fact, he had left them with Nallastia. It was she who built this fortress and arranged the Trinity Stones, using the gems only for good. But after a gang of pirates tried to steal the gems, Nallastia hid all three in the Cavern of Screaming Skulls."
―The Skull Queen, on the Lost Stars and Trinity Stones.[src]

The Trinity Stones were powerful megalithic artifacts found on Fondor's jungle-moon of Nallastia. They were arranged thousands of years in the past in a large field before the Skull Queen's fortress on Mount Octan by Nallastia Octan, wife of the Margrave Octan, the moon's original colonists. Each megalith stood eight meters tall, separated from each of the other massive stones by a distance of three meters.

Positioned in a triangular configuration, they created a powerful magnetic field (a lunar gravity vortex) that could only be broken by the countervailing effects of the Margrave's ancient power gems, which later came to be known as the Lost Stars of Nallastia, hidden by Nallastia deep within the Cavern of Screaming Skulls.

Fifty Nallastian warriors guarded the Trinity Stones, for if even one of them was toppled or damaged, the release of energy would be cataclysmic to the jungle-moon. But after Fondor had been liberated by the Jedi from the destructive machinations of Groodo the Hutt, the Skull Queen shut down the force field between the Trinity Stones, for the general good of Nallastians and "outlanders" alike.


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