The Trinovates were a sentient species with three eyes. They were native to Trinovat, a planet in the Gordian Reach sector, located on the Junction-Tierell Loop. Their homeworld was verdant, with numerous farms and mines.[2] In 2 ABY, the Trinovate Pilliask was present on the planet Toprawa, playing Seven card comet against the Human Havet Storm. The Trinovate was almost out of credits and was preparing to call for the next round to be a "Tail game"—wherein credits from the "Comet tail" or pot were added to the credits available to win that round—when another player beat him to the call.[1]

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Paul Cockburn created the Trinovates for his "choose your own adventure" style book, The Bounty Hunter, published by Boxtree Ltd in 1994. Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry later included the species in The Essential Atlas, published by Del Rey in 2009.



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