Trinta was a swamp planet located within the Yartiv system of the Outer Rim Territories near Kwenn Space Station. It was home to a dark side nexus that was occupied by an insane Halagad Ventor during the height of the Galactic Empire.


The planet was first explored by Ithorians, who took an immediate disliking to the world. They named the planet Trinta; the same name as a realm of demons in Ithorian mythology.

Several attempts by the Galactic Republic and other species to colonize the planet were made, without success. Trinta was officially deemed worthless, and the planet remained ignored by the rest of the galaxy.

Halagad Ventor was the first ever sentient inhabitant of the planet. Ventor had been the subject of a brutal interrogation at the hands of Darth Vader, which turned him insane. After his ordeal, Halagad fled to Trinta, where the dark side nexus became his new home.

Years later, a Rebel ship crash landed on Trinta while fleeing Crutag, a Taloron Hunter. There, they were subjected to illusory attacks in the form of dreambeasts such as the Dradans—manifestations of Ventor's tortured soul. Ventor's rage even caused a titanic storm that resulted in large scale flooding and destruction.

After enduring enormous challenges on the planet, the Rebels were able to free Ventor's soul of the dark side, and thus Ventor was finally redeemed and laid to rest.[2]


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