"I am training officer Triosa Broog. And you... are now part of something far more important than your insignificant individual lives. You are now part of an Empire."
―Triosa Broog's speech to new cadets at Carida Academy[1]

Triosa Broog was a human[1] female officer who served the Galactic Empire on Carida.[2] By 10 BBY,[4] she had achieved the rank of sergeant and was stationed at the Carida Academy, where she served as training officer to Cadet Han Solo. Solo proved to be a disobedient cadet and his reckless flight behavior and repeated insubordination drew the ire of Broog's commanding officer, Captain Nettic Whain. Whain questioned Broog on why Solo had not been expelled from the academy when other cadets were kicked out for less. Broog pointed to Solo's exemplary flight record, explaining that she had never seen anyone with his reaction time or innovative problem-solving skills when piloting a ship. Whain countered that he would rather have one hundred recruits who follow orders than the best pilot in the galaxy who does not. She implored the captain to give Solo one more chance, declaring she believed she could get him to follow orders. After realizing just how impressive Solo's flight skills were, Whain relented, on the condition that she take away his flight privileges for a week—if Solo improved he could be reinstated and if he did not, he would be expelled and sent somewhere a soldier who didn't follow orders could be useful.[2]

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