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The tris was a species of six-legged animal that was native to the world of Coyn in the Elrood sector and employed by the Coynites as mounts. They can grow up to 3.5 meters long and 2 meters tall at the shoulder. From childhood, a Coynite is paired with a tris that becomes his companion and with which they were said to have a spiritual bond. The Coynite who rides the tris is called its kars'asruul which translates as "soulrider". The kars'asruul braids the tris's mane to match his own and often paints runes of their accomplishments on the animal side. The tris are headstrong and very difficult to ride by others that are not their kars'asruul. They are predatory animals with fangs and red pupilless eyes which make them an intimidating sight. Thaddeus Ross once delivered a baby tris to Tatooine.

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