"You could be the finest warrior in creation—on the ground—but now you are in my element!"

A combination of elements of Form VII and traditional S'kytri aerial dueling, Trispzest was a type of aerial lightsaber combat originally developed by the airborne Force-sensitive Majestrix of Skye, Kharys.

Trispzest, which meant heart palpitation in the S'kytric language, would allow the combatant to utilize the advantages of flying in battle against grounded units - whom the S'kytri would derogatively refer to as "walkers". In Trispzest emphasis was placed on the use of the sai cha technique to decapitate "walkers".

Among the few known users of trispzest were Nazish, Kharys, and the Dark Jedi Maw, who died by the hand of self-taught Jedi Kyle Katarn.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Airborne Maw using Trispzest in a duel with Kyle Katarn.

As mentioned, sai cha, or decapitation, was often used against grounded combatants creating strategic parallels between Trispzest and mounted lightsaber combat.

Another technique, which was especially used by Maw, was a spinning attack. Maw's spinning attack consisted of spinning wildly in the air, often while hovering in one spot, while lashing out to all sides with the lightsaber; a technique that undoubtedly was efficient against multiple opponents.

Trispzest had many advantages, but one fatal weakness, as the combatant was open to attacks from directly below him or her by grounded units. Kyle Katarn took advantage of this weakness when, dropping to the ground and lunging his lightsaber upwards as Maw passed over him, he injured Maw during a duel on Ruusan.

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