"Deader than a Triton moon."
Han Solo, describing his fallen tauntaun on Hoth[src]

The Triton Moons were barren moons orbiting the planet Triton. Gactimus and Triton Besh were two of the three moons.

They were checkpoints along the routes such as the Rimma on its way to the Sluis sector, Elrood sector and the Minos Cluster. The Galactic Empire contracted the operations to the insectile Tritonites.[1]

Spacers who pass from the Moons pass through a process of several days before paying a customs-tithe on the value of their goods. During that time, the Tritonites attempt to proselytize them by reciting tracts of Gactimus.

Because the Moons banned excitement and stimulants of any kind only distilled water and weak juice were served; they were also a destination for off-worlders who wished to leave bad habits behind, or tourists interested in "oddities". The moons were thus nefariously used by many throughout the galaxy to describe a dead thing—as dead as a Triton moon.




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