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The Triumphant-class dark trooper was a variant of the dark trooper, a deadly next-generation stormtrooper battle droid used by the Galactic Empire.


In 1 ABY, a unit of Triumphant-class dark troopers escorted Darth Vader aboard his shuttle ST 321 during the operations Molecular Clamp, Sieve, Green Light, and Take Down in the cities of Bestine on Tatooine, Coronet City on Corellia, and Theed on Naboo. During the Empire Day in 1 ABY, Vader was accompanied by two dark troopers.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Star Wars Galaxies, Darth Vader, his shuttle, and several of these dark troopers appear in one of the three cities at erratic time intervals. Players of the Imperial faction can talk to Vader to receive four consecutive quests that consist of killing Rebel Non-Player Characters and players.

It is not known whether these dark troopers are droids or living beings. As with all dark trooper variants in Star Wars Galaxies, they do not use their jetpack or assault cannons.


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