"Ever since the Vaklin's recolonization by Trivak Ninegun, the planet has been a fertile recruiting ground for the Jedi."
―Namada mentions Ninegun in her report.[src]

Trivak Ninegun was an individual who led the recolonization of the planet Vaklin,[1] located in the Trailing Sectors of the Inner Rim.[2] After Ninegun's recolonization, the planet produced large numbers of Force-sensitive children who were recruited into the Jedi Order, with the planet's general population becoming largely pro-Jedi. Imperial Security Bureau Major Oniye Namada mentioned Ninegun in a report she wrote in 19 BBY detailing the Vaklin insurgency, titled I-1807-VAK.[1]

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Trivak Ninegun was first mentioned in Purge: The Tyrant's Fist, Part 2, a comic book written by Alexander Freed and released in 2013 as part of the Star Wars: Purge series. The book does not make clear what era Ninegun lived in or what the individual's species or gender was.

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