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The Troida Military Workshop was a factory located in the Gorinth Canyon on Balmorra.


The Troida Military Workshop featured a turret near the Canyon ridge, as well as two buildings: One featured a communications satellite at the top of the three-story building, while the other was slightly smaller.

In addition to the above buildings, there was also a set of buildings in close proximity, featuring several stacks. These were guarded by a few tri-legged walkers.


It was occupied by the Sith Empire during the aftermath of the Treaty of Coruscant. Members of the Galactic Republic's Demolitions Squad 419 were imprisoned and forced to toil as laborers there. In defiance of the Treaty with the Sith, the Jedi Knight Fortris Gall infiltrated the compound and killed a Sith guard. Having liberated the squad, they then launched an attack on Imperial Forward Outpost XT-23, wiping out all resistance. However, this only excaberated tensions on Balmorra.



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