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Troiken was a planet located in the Troiken system of the Outer Rim Territories, and the homeworld of the Xexto.


Around 17,000 BBY, the planet was visited by Arkanian scientists, who promised to take a group of eager Xexto volunteers to settle a new world. What these individuals did not know was that the Arkanians would perform genetic experiments on them, leading to them becoming the Quermians.[2]

Troiken and neighboring Quermia were discovered by the Galactic Republic at about the same time, and their inhabitants at first designated Troiken Xexto and Quermian Xexto respectively. The Xexto were at first in denial at being related to the Quermians, and were later outraged when they learned of the Arkanian deception. The two planets joined the Republic at the same time.[2] Troiken was directly represented in the Galactic Senate.

Troiken was tidally locked so that half the planet was extremely hot, half was freezing, and only a narrow band around the equator was agreeable for humanoid life. The terrain in this band was taken up by mountains and dense forests. The Xextos lived in villages in the trees. It was known for its Podraces and was a source for spice.

Quermia and Troiken both joined the New Republic at the same time, and the two planets' cousin peoples worked closely together in peace.



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