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"Big city-world like Troithe, you going to tell me there's nothing that'll lift off?"
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Troithe was a planet in the Cerberon system of the galaxy's Deep Core. As a ecumenopolis, it once rivaled the Galactic Republic capital world of Coruscant as the government's jewel, centuries before the Galactic Civil War.


Troithe was an ecumenopolis situated in the galaxy's Deep Core. Along with the other worlds of the Cerberon system, it orbited a black hole known as the Cerberon singularity, which was described as being both the brightest and darkest object in the planet's sky. Troithe was protected by a planetary shield.[1]

Troithe's cityscape, home to billions of humans and aliens alike, sprawled over the world's largest continent, which covered half the globe. The massive city was traditionally governed from the Gloried Chalice District, until the Galactic Empire moved the planetary administration to the Troithe Planetary Defense Center; other districts included the industrial Cybersynth District and the Web, and the largely-residential Highgarden, Nine Boats, Old Skybottom, and Thannerhouse Districts.[1]

Troithe also had a large ocean and various smaller landmasses, including a heavily-mined ravine continent known as the Scar of Troithe.[1]


Early prominence and decline[]

A center of innovation and manufacturing, Troithe was transformed by millennia of industrial and cultural development; centuries before the Galactic Civil War, it even rivaled Coruscant as the cosmopolitan jewel of the Galactic Republic, and its population included some of the Republic's most respected aristo-mercantile families.[1]

However, Troithe was eventually outpaced in its industrial capacity by Coruscant, which, as the political center of the Republic, drew migrants from thousands of member worlds. Troithe's decline as an economic powerhouse was brought on by the exhaustion of the planet's mineral resources, as well as its decreasing accessibility and relevance for a Republic that was expanding into the Colonies and the Inner Rim. Its decline was only accelerated by the gradual decay of its planetary orbit. The planet also saw a short-lived civil war between its human majority and alien underclass.[1]

By the time of Clone Wars, the world had settled into a slow decline, facing population decline, the gradual shuttering of its factories, and the abandonment of its residential districts. For this reason, many citizens of Troithe welcomed the transitioning of the Republic into the Galactic Empire, which promised renewal and restored prominence for the world. To an extent, the Empire was successful in these promises, causing substantial levels of the population to retain Imperial sympathies well into the Galactic Civil War.[1]

New Republic invasion[]

The New Republic, including the pilots of Alphabet Squadron, attempted to take over the planet during the Troithe operation.[1] After the New Republic won, Troithe and Metalorn were used to produce probe droids as part of an effort to locate the Empire's remaining loyalist forces in the galaxy.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

Troithe first appeared in the 2020 novel Shadow Fall, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


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