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"Suppose the governor's got a surprise waiting for us down there?"
"Course he does. No bet."
Nath Tensent and Chass na Chadic[src]

The Troithe operation, also referred to as the Battle at the capital, attack on the capital, and battle for the capital district, was a battle initiated by the New Republic to attack enemy forces, led by Governor Hastemoor, shielded within the capital of the planet Troithe. The New Republic captured Troithe's main spaceport within one day of fighting.[1]


New Republic High Command was terrified at the idea of Troithe being used as a shortcut between Core Worlds. As a result, they sent General Hera Syndulla with the Lodestar and its fleet to assualt the planet. Meanwhile Soran Keize was rebuilding Shadow Wing by raiding Jarbanov and meeting with the Edict's crew.[1]


The New Republic secured orbital dominance somewhat easily. Several space stations and satellites offered resistance, but these were swept aside by superior numbers. The New Republic then started landing troops. Despite intense fighting, the main spaceport was secured within a day.[1]

The Campaign[]

New Republic forces continued to advance towards the capital with air support. Fighting on the ground combined with air strikes caused massive damage to Troithe's cities. Destruction of Imperial All Terrain Armored Transports and All Terrain Armored Cargo Transports leveled entire streets when they collapsed. At one point during the siege, Wyl Lark blew up an entire skyscraper with fifteen stories of stormtroopers.[1]

Makings of a Trap[]

Despite their huge victory over Shadow Wing at Pandem Nai, New Republic Intelligence believed that Shadow Wing still posed a huge threat. Intelligence officer Caern Adan, General Hera Syndulla, Captain and Yriqa Quell all gathered together to theorize about the Wing's location. They agreed that it had not joined another Imperial Battle Group. So they decided to lure the Wing into the Cerberon system. The ground forces would move for the capital directly, instead of surrounding it one sector at a time. This plan would leave considerable amounts of land on the continents to be controlled by Imperials or pro Imperial guerrillas which an invading force could use to retake the planet. The New Republic officers counted on this gamble because the infantry was almost certainly going to take huge losses while advancing towards the capital city. Adan went over possible sightings: a Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier seeking repairs at the Gyndine shipyards, an attack on Jarbanov, a massacre at Anx Minor, and a rumor of a repainted "Ghost Tie" along the Koda Spur. They came to no conclusion on Shadow Wing's whereabouts. After the meeting, Nasha Gravas approached Quell and Adan about a complaint the Children of the Empty Sun had. Adan gave Nasha permission to manage the project over the Cult due to their high influence among the civilians.[1]

Advancing towards the Capital[]

Battle of Thannerhouse District[]

Alphabet squadron escorted a convoy of rebel infantry and vehicles towards Thannerhouse District. The district was defined by an extremely developed lake. The civilians did not evacuate their homes and leave in refugee trains, as most others did. Whether this was out of fear of the New Republic or loyalty to the Governor was uknown. Suddnely, a beam of energy melted a stolen juggernaut transport with fifty nine passengers onboard. Six Kraken-class deep lurkers started opening fire on the convoy, decimating transports and infantry alike. Concussion missiles couldn't penetrate that far down, but Chass Na Chadic and Nath Tensent were both able to launch guided bombs between the grating to annihilate the enemy below. Although the battle had only lasted ten minutes, large amounts of damage occurred to the district which caused major flooding.[1]


Chass and Kairos were both sent on scouting mission about a U-wing. They spotted and mapped strong enemy barricades and tram lines. However, they came under attack by anti-air and were forced to withdrawal with minor damage to the transport.[1]

Battle for the Capital[]

The plan was simple: take out the shield generators and send in wave after wave of New Republic infantry. The capital was newly renovated. Where once stood ion cannons and ancient barracks were now bureaucratic processing centers, efficient tram lines, lines after lines of modern turbolasers, and shield generators which made an eighth of the continent invulnerable. Beams of light flashed against the air, taking out two Meteor X-wings. The last of the governor's air force, several TIE strikers, launched to counter the Republic's bombers and fighters. Lark and Quell focused on mobile missle platforms on the tram lines. After that they started targeting the generators. Major fighting started on the ground as stormtroopers and scout walkers hunkered besides makeshift cover. Assault after Assault was turned back by the Troithe Garrison, but they started giving way to the New Republic. In the air, Metoer Squadron engaged the TIE's in order to distract them from providing air strikes. Hail squadron made multiple successful bombing runs, destroying several heavy vehicles with their proton bombs.[1]

All of a sudden, Imperial forces began to retreat towards the Tri-Central Complex: the center for communications, data flow, and the civilian power grid. General Syndulla ordered all forces to prevent them from consolidating there. The complex was vital for infrastructure, and if the New Republic lost it taking the planet, Troithe would be in chaos for month. This effect would mean that any counter- attack by Imperials would cleave through a rapidly constructed New Republic defense. Hordes of white-clad stormtroopers rushed to the building, only to be slaughtered by rebel airstrikes. Kairos was shot down, but managed to survive and fire at Imperials with her crossbow. However, she was shot multiple times and was severely injured.[1]


The Battle had been one for the New Republic, at least for now. The New Republic suffered horrendous casualties throughout the campaign and especially at the Capital. Major damage had been caused to Troithe's factories and infrastructure. Despite the New Republic's victory, several continents broke out in revolt at the invaders, starting a major guerilla war that would last until war came to Troithe once more.[1]


Notes and references[]

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