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A Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry transporting clone troopers

A troop transport was a vehicle or starship capable of ferrying soldiers between locations.

Transports capable of ferrying troops through space included the Victory-class Star Destroyer, the Y-4 Raptor,[1] the CR25 troop carrier, the CR-20 troop carrier, the Sentinel-class landing craft, the Imperial Galleon, and the Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle.[2] The GR-75 medium transport could be adapted to become a troop transport by adding sealed passenger pods.[1] The Acclamator-class assault ship transported thousands of clone troopers throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars.[3] A variety of Low Altitude Assault Transports also served as clone trooper transports.[3]

Vehicles that transported troops across ground terrain included the Imperial Troop Transporter, a repulsorlift transport often used to ferry Imperial troops. Other troop transport vehicles included the Multi-Troop Transport used by the Trade Federation,[2] and the Republic Troop Transport. Although mostly a combat walker, the All Terrain Armored Transport also served to transport Imperial ground troops as well as other ground vehicles.[4] The HAVw A5 Juggernaut was a massive wheeled combat vehicle mainly used as troop transport.[3]

Underwater vessels that could transport troops included the Amphibion, an aquatic assault vessel,[3] and the Ocean Troop Transport.[2]

The Alliance to Restore the Republic employed several troop transports to evacuate the Alliance base on Refnar.

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The Multi-Troop Transport deploying B1-Series battle droids

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