"Trouble at Galaxy Ways" is an adventure seed for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, 2nd ed. It was written by Bill Olmesdahl and published as part of the book Star Wars Gamemaster Screen in 1992. "Trouble at Galaxy Ways" is offered as an example of an adventure that focuses on a particular alien species, in this case, the Ranats.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

The player characters travel to the planet Aralia with free passes to the Galaxy Ways amusement park during its off-season. Before long, the park's power goes out, and all communications to the outside are jammed. Similarly, all starships in the vicinity are mysteriously deactivated. Then, park guests begin to disappear. They leave behind only clues: torn pieces of blood-stained clothing, claw marks, and screams of fright. Eventually the source becomes clear: several tribes of hungry rodent-like Ranats. The player characters, disarmed since their entry into the park, must fight their way out of the park and off Aralia.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Olmesdahl suggests that the adventure have the tone of a zombie film, with the characters unsure whether they will be eaten by the ghoulish Ranats at any moment. Nevertheless, he suggests that such a scenario may be too dark for some gaming groups and offers variants accordingly. He suggests, for instance, that instead of being driven by hunger, the Ranats might instead have adopted Ronnie the Rocketpack Rodent as their new deity. They are thus stealing Ronnie merchandise, including any hapless characters who happen to be wearing a full Rocketpack Rodent costume.[3]


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