Troublesome Outing (Spanish: Paseo Accidentado) is a two-page comic that was drawn by Beaumont Studios in 1986. It was published in Spain by Editorial Gepsa, under the MyComyc imprint and in Castilian.[1]

Rich Handley's plot summary[edit | edit source]

While Jann Tosh goes shopping, C-3PO falls through a trapdoor into the laboratory of Professor Broom, an evil scientist who captures droids, removes their memory diskettes and turns them into scrap. As Jann and R2 storm the lab, Threepio knocks Broom unconscious with a piece of metal.[1]

Development[edit | edit source]

The Droids and Ewoks strips featured in Mycomyc in 1986 were rediscovered in 2013 when a fan named Adolfo Rodriguez mentioned them on the forums. They were soon afterward translated into English by Star Wars author Abel G. Peña, with his colleague Rich Handley re-lettering them. The two then made the comics available for download on their respective websites on April 10. The original author is unknown.[1]

Continuity[edit | edit source]

Dark Horse's Vice President of Publishing, Randy Stradley, was interested in including the Mycomyc strips in a future Star Wars Omnibus publication. When he inquired at Lucasfilm Ltd. about whether they had been officially licensed at the time of their publication, Lucasfilm found no paperwork proving that Editorial Gepsa had actually licensed the titles, despite the presence of appropriate copyright information. Nevertheless, Handley and Peña strongly suspect that the licensing did occur, although Handley has asserted that the "the strips' legitimacy is considered suspect for now, and Dark Horse has no plans to reprint them unless documentation emerges."[1] Despite this, however, the events of the comic were later established as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity due to their inclusion in the second part of the ongoing Blog series The Droids Re-Animated.[3]

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