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During the Clone Wars, the army of the Galactic Republic invaded the planet Troxar when the native species, the Troxans, sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems; the ensuing conflict proved devastating to the Troxans. Nevertheless, the Galactic Senate rejected the Troxans' overtures of peace during diplomatic talks. The Troxans then considered a feint: they would surrender to the Republic, only to mount an insurgency against the occupiers. They dispatched a delegation to meet with Count Dooku on the plant Vjun to discuss the plan, but he rejected the suggestion on orders from his secret Sith Master, Darth Sidious, who wanted the Troxans to keep fighting and drain the Republic's resources. Dooku planted the suggestion in the Troxans' heads that the Confederacy would soon send reinforcements and convinced them to continue to fight.[1]

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